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Apple to Sell Unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada

Those of you in the U.S. are going to be absolutely green with envy once you read this news. I know I am. Imagine having an iPhone 4 and being able to choose your own provider – without resorting to jailbreaking the device. That’s exactly what customers in Canada are now going to be allowed to do. Apple has announced that when the iPhone 4 begins selling this Friday in Canada, customers will be able to choose from amongst the three main wireless providers: Bell, Rogers and Telus. Canadians can order their device through the Apple stores or at the provider locations.

Amit Kaminer, an analyst with The SeaBoard Group telecommunications consultancy, said that “Having no contract? Some might say that you can’t put a value on freedom.” If Canadians buy the phone directly from an Apple store, it will be unlocked and contract-free. Users can then shop around for the wireless deal that best suits their needs and budget. The problem is, though, that the cost of the phone is a dramatic increase over what it runs in the United States. The 16GB model will sell for $659 while the 32GB version will cost $779.

Apple is also selling the 3GS with 8GB of storage in Canada for about $549. This version is unlocked, as well, and offers the same benefit to consumers wishing to choose their own provider. These moves put a higher value on the iPhone 4 inside of Canada than it has in the United States.

With so many rumors running around the Internet lately as to exactly whom will receive an iPhone contract here in the USA, I can’t help but wonder if Apple is planning a similar move here. Can you even begin to imagine buying an iPhone and choosing the carrier YOU want to use – with no jailbreaking or unlocking required? What are your thoughts? Will Apple take the ultimate plunge and do this here?

I'm Not in Love – an Android vs iPhone Song

Imei has decided it’s time to make a change and begin using the iPhone 4 in her daily life. Following is the post she wrote to explain her choice.

You’ve probably heard me as “the voice of reason” when it comes to Android vs. iPhone. I believe Android gives iPhone a run for its money by producing creativity in open source apps, and competition to the run-away favorite. But my year as the n00b of Social Media is coming to an end, and I need a seamless user experience I can take to the bank as my businesses take off. Chris Pirillo told me last year to wait for the next iPhone. Well, I’ve waited. And it’s time (I’m expecting a free bumper, though).

Using Looptastic HD on the iPad, a Bose speaker, my Yamaha 0RS-700 keyboard for percussion, a microphone and a portable speaker, I can get some live sound in my library/office! If you want to learn more about Looptastic, take a look at my other video about using Looptastic HD to become your own iPad DJ. The mix you hear on this video took only two minutes for me to find and create. By setting the bpm’s, I can sync that to any other looping program — it just so happens to be my keyboard. Once I add a six-channel mixer to the apps, you can add harmonies and other melody lines, or layer in another song.

I want to thank T-mobile for six years of great service. I really like T-mobile as a company. I just wasn’t satisfied with the battery life, the forced closing of the My Touch nearly every hour (with very few apps), and the slow response. The camera quality is also poor quality even compared to the iPhone 3GS. But I am looking forward to the next Android phones to keep all phone companies and dev’s staying sharp and creating the best products ever!

All of the music and lyrics in this video were created by Imei herself.

Have you made any type of major change in provider service? What prompted the decision?