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How Do You Interact with Your Technology Today?

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I received an email from Kevin recently, telling me about a very cool new piece of software he’s found. He writes: “I have found a program to show you and the community. It is called Camspace by CamTrax Technologies. Camspace is a freeware program that lets you play your video games by using any object. All you need is a Windows PC (Mac and Linux systems coming soon), a webcam , lots of light, a wide variety of solidly-colored objects to use as controllers, and a desire to play any game you want with Camspace. There are games for Camspace and there are controllers for games popular computer games. It is right now in open beta. If there is not a virtual controller available for download, you can make your own.”

So, I of course had to go check this out. What you do is download the software and use controllers to play games or interact with other software, like Google Earth. You don’t have to touch anything. You just move objects around in front of your webcam.

Drive your racing car with a cardboard wheel or fly your aircraft with a plastic stick – using CamSpace. The CamSpace agent will automatically find emulations for your favorite games and let you try and choose your pick of the lot.

CamSpace comes loaded with CamGames and the list is growing on a daily basis. CamGames are games developed on the CamSpace platform which take full advantage of the CamSpace agent capabilities. Play soccer, popcorn, xylophone, navigate Google Earth and many other CamGames from the CamSpace website or directly from the CamSpace agent.

How cool is it that these days, we can touch things if we have a computer or device that is built to be used with touch? Pretty soon, we’ll never need to rely on a keyboard or mouse to move things, or enter in data. The importance of these things will be further minimized as we evolve more with these experiences. Input/output is still basic, but it’s got to be fluid, and it’s got to fit.

I’m interested in hearing your experiences with Camspace. If the game isn’t there you’d like to play, then create a controller for it! It’s available for Windows so far, with Mac and Linux support promised soon. Let me know what you think of it.


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