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Help Desk

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In 1992, I got online, and I was addicted from the word GO! In 1996, I started Lockergnome, even though at that time it was simply a newsletter that I sent out every day. Then, in 2001 I started hosting the show Call for Help on the old TechTV network! I loved hosting that show, because I loved the live help I was able to give to people. I’ve continued that spirit through our live videos and chat. This Wednesday, I’ll be working with Microsoft. You can be part of a new beta program, called Help Desk!

On Wednesday, January 27th at 2:00PM Pacific time, you should point your web browsers to the new Help Desk. The goal for this show is to help people, hence the title.

Channel 9 traditionally has been focused on hard-core Geeks, such as people whose careers depend on the products and services that Microsoft has to offer. However, most of you who may have problems you need help with aren’t hard-core Geeks. You’re just an every-day computer user, right? Most people who own computers fall into that category, and that’s who we – the people hosting this show – want to help!

We’re hoping to be able to do this every week, live on the Internet. If you have questions, we might be able to provide answers. It will be a completely interactive show, so be sure you tune in.

If you want to submit a question or problem, make sure you are following CH 9 on Twitter. That is where you’ll find the email to submit your questions that will be given to us. We’ll take questions on anything to do with Windows, Microsoft products, and Windows computers in general.

With any luck, we’ll be able to resurrect the spirit that some of us carried with us when we left Call for Help. We need your help to make this a success, though. Whether you’re a Geek, not a Geek… or somewhere in between… we need you!

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My First Cable TV Appearance (1997)

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I made my first television appearance back in 1997, on a show called Home Computing. I had been asked to appear to talk about my Lockergnome newsletter, and what it was all about. Back then, the newsletter consisted of information relating to Windows 95, software and games. Anything you can think of that related to the Windows family of products, I checked out and discussed. Instead of looking at software about things from companies such as Microsoft, I instead talked about shareware and freeware programs that were available at the time. Even back then, I was more about getting good programs for free than I was about paying for programs.

At that time, I had over 100,000 subscribers to the Lockergnome newsletter. Today, we still have that many people who read what we put out five nights a week! It’s simple to subscribe, just send an email to [email protected]. We work hard to incorporate thought-provoking links in the nightly newsletter, and even some fun ones! You’ll find a roundup of articles from Lockergnome, Geeks, my blog and even our Help forums!


Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuuuuuuuup, Mona. – l0ckergn0me

Nuh Nuh NERD ALERT! – Bwana

woah… – Outsanity

OMG – I’m gonna hafta second Mona here and say… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Tad, Chosen of Eris

You didn’t look… too… fat… really… 🙂 – Michael Forian

"I won’t sell your um e-mail address. Everything is safe with me, because, you know, I own everything." HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA – Mona N.

So can we blame Pirillo for all of those spinning text GIF’s that we were assaulted with in the 90’s? : ) – Mike Doeff

Mike – for the record, I needed something relatively awesome to show on TV. There weren’t that many amazing programs out there back in early ’97. It was either spinning text or a rick roll, and since Rick Rolling didn’t hit it big until recently… – l0ckergn0me

Wild that that was only 11+ years ago… wow. The Dark Ages. – Tad, Chosen of Eris

Pretty amazing how smooth you were for a first appearance! – John Rubier

I was thinking the same thing John, you seemed more relaxed there than on C4H – Bwana

This is insane. the dude on the other side needs to lay off the java for real. – tony

Being a guest and being a host are two completely different things. Guests shouldn’t be over-the-top. I was more like Tim when I hosted for a reason. – l0ckergn0me

@Tony – lol. Check out some of Tim’s videos on YouTube (link in Chris’ video info). He’s a riot! – John Rubier

He looked like such a KID – MiniMageFFungeonsNDragons

props dude. props. – Josh Haley

Man that feels like such a long time ago. What version of IE was that? – Daryl Burns

it seems to run better than IE today – Outsanity

"Software Junkie" lol… Windows 95… rotfl. Great. Thanks Chris, you put this online. – Ryo

wtf? – johnny lucas

that mustache very BERT REYNOLDS – Caroline

some guys just look better when they are older…this is proof – Caroline

Caroline – you’re too sweet! – l0ckergn0me

That was great… wow… 11 years ago. You’ve come a long way, Chris!! – Lindsay: BFF w/ Eris

I remember I used to get criticized for preferring NT4 over Win9x 😛 I think at the time of this video, I was a full Linux head – Bwana

You looked as if you had been doing this for some time. The other gentleman looked nervous. – Adriana

Agreeing with Caroline. I’ve also noticed some guys just get better with age. It’s not fair! – MiniMageFFungeonsNDragons

Ooohhh Novell is one of the big guys. Can’t wait for Win98. That will rock. – Louis Gray

This Software rocks and is worth every buck!! xD – Dieter Schwarz

Dieter – Xara3D is still pretty damn amazing. No equivalent for it on Mac OS X. – l0ckergn0me

Wow this is Old School right here. Thanks for sharing this Chris. I think this goes up there with Baumer promoting Windows 95. In great stuff from the 90s on youtube 🙂 – Shawn aka ringking

I was besotted with Xara back then – Mo Kargas

If you haven’t seen his crack up on America’s Funniest Videos, you have to find it. He gets the giggles for about ten minutes. – Phil Boiarski

HAHA! Nice!!! – David Cook

it was great until I got hit with ads, a lot of ads, I hate ads sometimes. – Dan Morrill

lol – TheHenry

you look the same! minus maybe the glasses… – Ryan

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Call for Help Blooper – in LEGO

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LegoShark has done it again. He’s fast becoming a name in the Brickfilming world, and this newest creation is genius. I’m not biased, I promise! Keep your eye out for even more fantastic LEGO content from him!

I’m sure you remember that old Blooper on Call for Help. People talk about it daily in the chat room still, all these years later. I lost it, plain and simple. Something struck me as hilarious… and I couldn’t stop laughing. Hasn’t that ever happened to you?! Seriously. Don’t lie! You know it has!!

Anyhow, LegoShark took that Blooper, and made it into a BrickFilm, using LEGO bricks. Great job, and thank you!


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TechTV Podcasts

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Every day, someone asks me if I remember something or another that happened on TechTv. Yes… I do. In some ways though, I think what I’m doing now is superior to the things I was involved with back on Call For Help.

Never fear! You can find most of us from TechTv right online! Even though it’s long gone, you can check out what everyone is doing on the techtvforever.net site.

For what it’s worth, much as I loved Call For Help, I really love what I’m doing now more. Being able to interact live via the chat and call-ins, not being censored or told what I can talk about, and being able to be ME on a regular basis rocks. I can be as in depth and technical as I want… or just chill and talk about every day stuff. The feedback from the chat is simply amazing. I love ya guys!

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