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How Much do You Usually Tip?

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You’re out to dinner, and you’re not sure how much you should leave for a tip. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pull out your iPhone, open an app, and have it tell you how much to tip? Oh, that’s right! You can with Tipulator.

Tip calculation has never been so much fun! Tipulator takes the normally boring task of calculating your tips, and makes it fun and easy. Sporting a slick user interface with simple to use number dials, you’ll be able to calculate gratuities in an instant.

Take Tipulator with you the next time you go out. Your dining partners will be curiously fascinated with your cute new tip calculator. You’ll be the hit of the night!

For only 99 cents in the App store, and having a high rating… you definitely want to get this. The nicest thing is that it is extremely intuitive. Enter your check amount, and the tip amount will show up immediately. You can change the tip percentage, round it up or down, or change the check amount. You can actually choose how many people were in your party, as well… so that you can split up the bill with ease!

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Microsoft Calculator Plus

In traipsing around Microsoft.com, I stumbled across what I believed was the Calculator PowerToy – a nice upgrade to the calculator that ships with Windows. Turns out, Microsoft Calculator Plus is an entirely new calculator (which sadly looks better in “Classic View” than in the default skin). Give Calculator Plus a try and you’ll wonder why they’re not shipping this version with Vista. At least, Calculator Plus not in Windows Vista Beta 2. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Microsoft (itself) already has an infinitely better version of a calculator available for free download on their site, yet they’re not including it (yet?) in Windows Vista. Why!? Are they afraid the DOJ is going to come after them for cornering the desktop calculator market? “Calculator Plus offers conversions between different measurement units for area, temperature, volume and more. It also includes all the mathematical functions offered in Microsoft Calculator.” Finally!