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I'm Not in Love – an Android vs iPhone Song

Imei has decided it’s time to make a change and begin using the iPhone 4 in her daily life. Following is the post she wrote to explain her choice.

You’ve probably heard me as “the voice of reason” when it comes to Android vs. iPhone. I believe Android gives iPhone a run for its money by producing creativity in open source apps, and competition to the run-away favorite. But my year as the n00b of Social Media is coming to an end, and I need a seamless user experience I can take to the bank as my businesses take off. Chris Pirillo told me last year to wait for the next iPhone. Well, I’ve waited. And it’s time (I’m expecting a free bumper, though).

Using Looptastic HD on the iPad, a Bose speaker, my Yamaha 0RS-700 keyboard for percussion, a microphone and a portable speaker, I can get some live sound in my library/office! If you want to learn more about Looptastic, take a look at my other video about using Looptastic HD to become your own iPad DJ. The mix you hear on this video took only two minutes for me to find and create. By setting the bpm’s, I can sync that to any other looping program — it just so happens to be my keyboard. Once I add a six-channel mixer to the apps, you can add harmonies and other melody lines, or layer in another song.

I want to thank T-mobile for six years of great service. I really like T-mobile as a company. I just wasn’t satisfied with the battery life, the forced closing of the My Touch nearly every hour (with very few apps), and the slow response. The camera quality is also poor quality even compared to the iPhone 3GS. But I am looking forward to the next Android phones to keep all phone companies and dev’s staying sharp and creating the best products ever!

All of the music and lyrics in this video were created by Imei herself.

Have you made any type of major change in provider service? What prompted the decision?

Do You Want to Read Tweets From the Womb?

I honestly thought that after all these years I had seen it all. I truly thought nothing more could completely shock me to the point where I stared at the computer screen with my mouth hanging open. We’ve seen so many silly things come across the tubes that we tend to be able to filter out and not even see the new inane things that pop up. However, reading about this particular new little invention was sort of like a train wreck: you know you have to keep going, but you cannot help but stop and stare.

The Kickbee is a belt-like device that a pregnant woman wears around her stomach. Every time the little bundle of joy kicks mommy square in the ribs or bladder, a tweet or text message will be sent out letting the expectant Daddy know. The trouble is… everyone following the momma-to-be will know, as well. Is this really something a Dad wants to see? I asked a few friends who either are expecting children or have small tots running around. Not a single one of them showed any interest at all in this gadget.

To be honest, I find it kind of creepy. What do you think?

There’s nothing creepy about our software center. All you’ll find there is the hottest software and apps at the best prices you can hope for.

Are the iPhone 4 Bumpers Worth Buying?

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Always wear protection! This is advice I’ve been giving people for years in conjunction with their communications devices. For instance, I have my new iPhone 4 here with me… along with the official Apple Bumper I purchased to help protect it. The Bumpers come in a variety of colors to help you personalize your phone to suit your lifestyle. My Bumper has a few scuff marks already after just a few days, but I feel that means it’s doing its job.

Some people claim you need to use a Bumper or case in order to stave off any antenna issue. That’s not the reason I chose to use this particular protection on my iPhone. It snaps on quite easily, and protects the perimeter perfectly. It will protect the device from scratches and scuffs on the side, and doesn’t add much thickness to it. If I were to drop this device flat on the ground, the screen could be damaged. Having this Bumper surrounding the device raises it just enough to help prevent.

Apple did do a good job with the Bumpers, but I do have a couple of points I am not happy with. The shape, style and tightness are perfect for the device. The rubber sits tight against the screen. However, debris can still collect around the lip of it. You may need to eliminate dust from within the area by popping it off and cleaning it thoroughly. The way the Bumper is cut… unless the cable dock connector cable is small enough, you’ll have a loose connection instead of a proper one. I cannot use my shorter Apple cable with the Bumper because the plastic lip around it is wider than the one on the cable that came with my iPhone 4.

Overall, the Bumper is a good buy and will protect your new phone while making it look sharp.

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iPhone Antenna Problem

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Widespread news of the antenna issues on the new iPhone 4 has put a serious chink in its armor. Getting the antenna “right” isn’t an easy task for any company, but I’m not so sure Apple is handling this the right way.

Apple’s answer is simply to tell people to hold it differently. Seriously, Apple? I really don’t think this is the way to handle things. Their other suggestion is to purchase a Bumper or cover. An iPhone Bumper is ~$30, though I’m sure it’s costing Apple pennies on the dollar – certainly not worth the PR hit they’re taking with this thing.

They’ve sold hundreds of thousands of these devices already. They likely knew this was a problem. I cannot imagine them not testing this phone in a variety of situations being held by a variety of different ways by a variety of different hands. I personally think this is why they came out with the Bumper. It’s like saying “sure, there’s a disease, but it’s okay because we have the cure.”

In my mind, Apple made a pretty big mistake – if that is their stance. It’s too easy to hold the phone “the wrong way.” I don’t want to have to think about how to hold the device. I should be able to hold it however it feels comfortable. Apple’s official stance that there’s a solution which they’ll sell you for around thirty bucks is just wrong. I don’t like the idea that I need a solution at all, never mind the fact that I have to pay for it.

What do you think? Will you hold the iPhone 4 differently? Will you purchase a case? Does this turn you away from buying one at all?

This doesn’t change my overall opinion. I still love my new iPhone 4. But this situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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