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Vote for Browncoats: Redemption on the Mashable Awards

During Gnomedexthis year, we heard from Mike Dougherty and Steve Fisher about their awesome project… the Browncoats: Redemption movie. This fan film was created with nearly no budget at all and all of the proceeds are donated equally between five very noble charities: Equality Now, Kids Need to Read, Dyslexia Foundation, the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center and the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. Each DVD of this excellent fan film costs only fifteen dollars. Everyone at Gnomedex fell in love with the guys and their project, and much Tweeting (and Facebooking!) has continued to happen to help support this cause.

Mike, Steve and the entire crew are excited to have been named as a finalist in the Mashable Awards for this year in the category of “Most Creative Social Good Campaign.” Voting ends eight days from the date of this blog post, and your help is needed to get them to the top. Voting is simple: you need only log in using your Twitter or Facebook account. Choose which categories you would like to vote in and then decide if you wish to share your vote with the world on the social media site you used to log in. That’s all there is to it.

Why should you take the time to help the guys out? Why shouldn’t you? I cannot think of anything more creative than this. Not only is it cool… it’s successful. To date, they have raised just over $9,000 ($1,825 to each of the five charities) – and that was just from the online orders of the pre-orders.

Mike himself says that “We’re on our way to make some history.” I believe this is true. When is the last time you can recall seeing a movie created start to finish simply to raise money for charity… and to have fun? Take a moment and vote, won’t you?