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The Future of Bluetooth

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During a recent Bluetooth SIG event, I was able to witness a proof-of-concept technology which shows the power of Bluetooth. As you can see, a photo was taken of Blair and then sent instantly to her phone via a Bluetooth connection. A Bluetooth peer-to-peer link can connect you with others in ways you have yet to even dream of.

Instead of using a large wireless network such as Bump uses, this application uses the Bluetooth high-speed connection. When looking for a Bluetooth device, you want to look at the profiles that will be enabled. There’s even an application on their website to help guide you before your purchase. You can look up nearly any Bluetooth device on the market and quickly find out what that particular device will pair with.

Michael said that they had just announced their Bluetooth 4.0 specification which they’re super excited about. That will enable very small sensor-type devices. It should open up the health and fitness market and even the medical market. You should see an explosion of Bluetooth devices built on this specification. Hopefully, by the end of 2010 you’ll see some initial products.

As it evolves, they’re looking for more ways to drive power consumption down. That is improved with ever iteration. They’re even looking at using button-type batteries.

Mike and Blair spend their time guiding and promoting the technology itself to the general consumer so that you know what it’s capable of doing.

When I asked Blair why she invited me to the SIG event, she jokingly stated that she couldn’t wait for me to stick a camera in her face and make her uncomfortable. She’s a PR person though, so she’s used to these types of things. Blair – sorry if I really did make you uncomfy! You did a terrific job, for sure.

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