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Where Should I Blog?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Should a new blogger go it on their own, or should they join a blogging network? There is no right or wrong answer to this. The best option depends largely on your expectations, wants and needs..

A blog is a platform to communicate ideas, whether personal or professional (or anything in between). There are advantages and disadvantages to both going out on your own as a blogger, and becoming part of a blogging network such as Lockergnome.com. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of each type:

Advantages of going your own route:

  • You can buy a domain name of your choosing, using a service such as GoDaddy. Be sure and use the coupon code chris1 at checkout to receive a discount!
  • You can choose your own blogging software and templates. There are many types available for free use.
  • You can change the look/feel/direction of your blog on a whim. You are the “boss” so to speak, so you can do whatever you like with your blog at any given moment.

Disadvantages of going your own route:

  • Your blog and content needs to stand out, but can easily get lost. If you’re wanting to write about something specific, chances are someone else already is, as well.
  • In order to be noticed, you have to be fresh, unique, and different. This can become difficult very quickly to an inexperienced blogger.
  • It’s not an easy task to learn how to properly use key words, catergories and even meta tags to get your blog indexed by the various search engine spiders.

Advantages of becoming part of a blogging network:

  • You are reliant on someone else when it comes to blog promotion, cross-promotion, and the like. This completely removes the task of getting your word “out there” from your hands.

Disadvantages of becoming part of a blogging network:

  • You may or may not own your content
  • You may or may not have a url that you can actually share

As you can see, there truly is no “right way” to blog. When you are ready to joing the blogging world, decide what your goals are, and then make your blog type choice based on your personal needs.

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