BloggerCon was Awesome

BloggerCon was awesome. I only have a few regrets, all of which are my fault: (1) This was my first BloggerCon experience;(2) I had Windows Vista on my laptop, which drained my battery at an alarming rate; (3) We had to leave early and miss the final Hokey Pokey. Dave says he’s going to quit blogging soon, but I hope he doesn’t stop doing BloggerCons.

Live Streaming Audio at BloggerCon and Gnomedex

Thanks to Limelight Networks, we’ll have a live audio stream for both BloggerCon and Gnomedex at the same URL, so keep it handy and spread the link around. Of course, the stream link will only work during the conference(s). Streaming audio is important for any event – and we were more than happy to help Dave and his crew with making sure that the rest of the Internet could listen in to what was happening. Of course, this is the same live audio stream link we’ve been using for the show from the very beginning (and the one we used for last year’s Gnomedex as well). I don’t know if we’re going to be streaming video from Gnomedex yet or not. The live audio, however, will be streaming at both BloggerCon and Gnomedex. See you in SF and/or Seattle!