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Are You An Angry Birds Addict?

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I’m being told that this is the single most addictive game available for the iPhone. I don’t get it though. WHY are people addicted to it? I get that there are these cute little birds who appear to be ticked off at some pigs. It’s kinda cool shooting the birds out of the slingshot to knock the pigs down and kill them. Angry Birds is just one of those things you have to experience for yourself, perhaps.

These birds are mad because the pigs stole their eggs out of the nests. Uhm. Okay! Let’s take em down then. There are 180 levels to get through. I should be able to manage that within an hour or so, right?

There are leaderboards built in to the app, along with Facebook and Twitter integration. There is an unlimited supply of mad feathered friends to launch through the air, as well.

One thing I learned as soon as I started playing: it doesn’t help to tilt your iPhone as the bird heads towards the pigs. It won’t help the winged creature go any further.

As soon as I play another level, I promise to figure out why you people like to play this… crap! How did I miss that shot? Why don’t I have any birds left?

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