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Wicket and I both love bacon. If you don’t like bacon, then maybe you’ve never had GOOD bacon. It’s also inspired other products on the marketplace, so I decided to try nine of them. There’s everything from jelly beans to toothpicks to bacon soap! Which one will you try first?

The lip balm is something I don’t recommend. It smells like bad pork – and tastes about the same. The bacon-inspired jelly beans aren’t bad, though! They kind of taste like pork ‘n’ beans!! The bacon floss smells like the balm, so I decided to try that out on Wicket. He seemed to like it – I think.

The bacon-flavored toothpicks… I actually needed them to get the jelly bean goo out of my teeth. Again, they smell like that nasty balm. Sadly, they taste like wood instead of bacon. What about bacon gumballs?! They don’t smell bad, so maybe… yes! They taste sort of pork-y, and close to a bacon flavor! Finally!

The bacon mints smell so bad that even Wicket wouldn’t lick them. However, I tried them. They tasted minty, believe it or not. Sadly, once I chewed it up, I tasted something other than mint – and it wasn’t something good.

That brought me to the strawberry-flavored gummy bacon. Strawberry and bacon together say what?! The smell was sort-of strawberry. But it also smelled like plastic that had been sprayed with a pork scent. It didn’t taste like anything remotely strawberry-related. It’s pretty much icky.

I think I’m definitely going to stick with real, honest-to-God bacon.

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Do Bacon and Chocolate Taste Great Together?

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While I’ve been known to refuse chocolate at times, I’ve never turned down bacon – even if I’m stuffed. Chocolate and bacon is a combination I’ve never considered. However, there’s a chocolate bacon bar on the market now. Mo’s Bacon Bar combines smoky bacon and sweet milk chocolate into one delicious combination.

Interestingly enough, this goodness came about after many years of the creator playing around with flavors. When she was six years old, she realized how yummy her crispy bacon tasted when drenched in maple syrup – or even mixed with the melted chips from her chocolate-chip pancakes! This has resulted in a company she now runs, which is dedicated to combining chocolate with many different tastes.

So of course I ordered one for myself. It contains deep milk chocolate, Alder smoked salt, and Applewood smoke bacon. Yes, I had to try it live on the video just to put my money where my mouth is. I love unique foods anyway, so why not?

Sniffing it, you can definitely smell both bacon and chocolate. At this point, I was having second thoughts – so I bit the proverbial bullet. The texture is like a toffee bar. You can taste the salt with the chocolate while chewing. However, you don’t taste bacon until after you’re done chewing. It’s almost like a bacon aftertaste!

I like it! Make sure to grab a few for yourself!

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