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What is the Purpose of the Internet?

Avenue Q is a wildly popular show which has run all over the world. It is the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Poor Princeton quickly finds out that the only place he can afford to live is on Avenue Q. The neighbors seem harmless enough, so why not take a chance? Brian is an out-of-work comedian engaged to therapist Christmas Eve. Nicky is a complete slacker with a big heart who is roomies with Republican investment banker Rod. Trekkie is addicted to the Internet… and porn. Kate, the Kindergarten teaching assistant, is sweet and naive. Princeton and the gang sail through the entire show struggling to find jobs, dates and their purpose in life.

JobbeJoe created a fantastic music video to go along with this fun song, and included many characters and backdrops from World of Warcraft. It’s very well put together – nearly seamless. However, I didn’t only embed this particular video for the laughs it is sure to bring. If you really listen to what is being said, you’ll see how true it really is.

The Internet is not “for porn” as Trekkie claims. Many older people who do not use the ‘net regularly actually assume that connecting to a website will result in being faced with all sorts of dirty things. Yes… there is porn online. Yes… it can be found quite easily. However, WE all know that’s not what it’s all about.

The Internet is a gateway to information. You can find anything your heart desires online, from health care reform to taxation and politics… to porn. I’m not sure where the hell I was going with that though. No matter what I say, all of you will jump to remind me that “The Internet is for Porn!”

Enjoy the video.