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eBay Problems

I’ve been eBaying a few odd items lately, and last night some moron kid from Florida ruined half of the last minute auctions by jumping in and placing bunk bids. It was too late to block him or remove him from the bid list. As you can imagine, I was quite irate. I fired off an email to my personal eBay expert, Chuck. He responded:

There’s not much you can do unless he doesn’t pay. If he doesn’t pay within 7 days you can report him to eBay and they may suspend his account. Here’s a link with details:


If it’s clear he’s not ever going to pay, eBay will let you offer the item to the second highest bidder. This is called a “Second Chance Offer.” You can read more about it here:


He didn’t really snipe because his bids were submitted about ten minutes before the end of the auction. Snipe bids are usually submitted in the final seconds of an auction.

Isabella Fiore Handbags

Ponzi’s selling some purses on eBay (though not as many purses as she originally promised she’d be selling). They’re made by some hobo named Isabella Fiore. Can’t be too much of a hobo at these prices! Well, she’s actually starting each auction at much lower than any retail outlet:

Who knows if they’ll sell. I just can’t imagine anybody wanting to buy purses anywhere, let alone eBay. I’m sure there are purse addicts just champing at the bit to get to her Isabella Fiore Handbag auctions. She’s only selling four of them right now, and I’ll do what I can to convince her to sell the other 8,192 purses she’s decided to keep for herself.