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How to Play Classic Atari Games on your iPad

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Last night, a long-standing dream of mine came true: Atari released pretty much its entire classic library on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I am beyond ecstatic. If you’ve ever heard me talk about gaming, you’ll know that I’m a casual gamer. I don’t get into first-person shooters and I don’t lose myself in RPGs. I do, however, love a great old-fashioned game Pong.

Atari’s Greatest Hits is absolutely free in the app store! Pong comes pre-installed at no cost and additional games are relatively inexpensive. You can pay for game packs or buy the entire library for only fifteen bucks. I have a feeling that this thing will end up being the highest-grossing app for the entire year. Yes, people, I really just predicted that this will beat out your beloved Angry Birds.

There are 18 arcade titles and 92 games from the Atari 2600. You’ll enjoy favorites such as Missile command, Breakout, Centipede and even Asteroids. Certain games – like Warlords – give support for Bluetooth multiplayer mode. From what I’ve found already, the games which are played using some type of paddle work very well. Those which would have used a joystick seem to be just a tad jerky.

You’ll find the original box art, along with several different ways of searching through your collection. Thumb through the tiles, click a button to see your recently played games or list them in alphabetical order. It will only take you a moment to find exactly what you’re looking for to quench your classic gaming thirst.

One game that I’ve noticed is missing makes me rather sad. The title began with the letter “E” and was played on the Atari 2600. Can you guess what that is?

If you have long since forgotten how to play or beat your old favorite, you can read through the game’s manual right on your device. Those are included with your purchase so you’ll have them whenever you may need some additional help.

Which title was your favorite back in the Atari days? How quickly will you be downloading this app?