Han Solo's Blaster Drawn in Microsoft Paint

Can you believe FuggedabouditNL was able to do this in Microsoft Paint? I could barely draw a circle with the official circle-drawing tool. Guess it’s not about the tool, after all. He puts Photoshop artists to shame!

As you probably know, MS Paint is free software! This video once again proves that one doesn’t need expensive programs like Photoshop to create some nice 3D images!

This drawing was done in only five hours. Can you even believe he did this? Seriously? I’d like to see YOU try it!

Music Credit – Epic Demo by Cesc VilĂ .

Buddha Fett

What could be better than Buddha AND Boba Fett? Seriously?

Buddha Fett

Artist Mike Capp is fantastic. I think I am now in love with this drawing. It’s every geek guy’s dream come true!

Two More Justin Hillgrove Original Paintings

I don’t know why, but I’ve liked this artist from the very first time I met him (which happened to be the very first time I ever saw his artwork).

Seems that every other time I walk into @TwilightArt (in West Seattle), I see something of Justin’s. Last night, I became the proud owner of “Transplant” and “Beast of Burden.”

Justin Hillgrove's Paintings

I’m not the kind of guy who buys original art, mind you – I’m usually just fine with whatever’s in front of me. Justin changed all that.