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iPhone Update 2.0 Imminent?

Surfing through my feeds, I stumbled into this (and who knows, the rumor has likely already been covered everywhere else) – a thread on HardMac.com regarding an impending iPhone firmware update. “2.0” will allegedly bring with it:

  • Support for Flash
  • Support for files with extension .Docx (as Mac OS X does natively)
  • A simple file manager
  • A “Clipboard” to manage copied and pasted text
  • Ability to send files to the “Clipboard” via email or Bluetooth
  • iClips management (potentially the name of apps distributed via iTunes)
  • A more complete Bluetooth manager
  • iChat accessible only via WiFi

Now, that would be one helluva update. More in the thread.

Apple iPhone

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Is the iPhone going to take the cell phone industry by storm, or is it going to be nothing more than marketing hype?

The iPhone is taking the world by storm already and it hasn’t been released yet. Even Chris wants an iPhone, and he hasn’t used it! There are a few reasons to get an iPhone:

  • User friendly interface
  • iTunes integration Syncs with Outlook data
  • Acts as an iPod replacement

Of course, there are a few reasons to avoid it:

  • High price
  • iTunes isn’t a great media management tool
  • Emulating the iPhone will result in crappy knockoffs
  • It could just be marketing hype

What do you think of the iPhone?

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