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Pixie Puppy Sleeping in my Arms

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I love my dogs, as most of you already know. Pixie and Wicket are my babies, even though they’re a few years old now. I spoil these dogs, and treat them like they’re my children. Heck, they ARE my children.

When Pixie fell asleep in my arms, I couldn’t resist taking a video capture of her. She looks so peaceful, doesn’t she?

Life is good at times.

New Dog Trick!

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Do you have pets? If so, what kind? Have you ever taught them any tricks? I love my dogs Wicket and Pixie – they’re my kids. They are usually quite smart… almost too smart at times. They pick up on new little tricks pretty easily, unless they’re just in one of those moods where they think they’re the boss.

This treat I was holding was going to make Pixie huge in a matter of seconds. I was serious – and proved it! I gave her the treat… and she magically grew to about five times her normal size.

Maybe I should’ve been a Chemist!

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