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Motorola HS1001 Android Cordless Phone

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During the CeBIT conference, Motorola released the new HS1001 cordless home phone. Even though it’s a “land line” phone, it still packs Android that will connect to any Wi-Fi connectiong. You can use the 2.8-inch touch display on its back to not only call your friends, but also surf the web or check your email.

It comes with a speaker-equipped charging station, which lets you listen to your favorite tunes. It’s reported to be sold in the USA for about $150.00, and supports up to two hours of cordless phone calling on the battery. It even comes with a MicroSD card reader!

If you’re not ready to give up your land line, this may be the perfect phone for you!

This video was filmed by Charbax at CeBIT 2010 consumer electronics show in Hannover, Germany.

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