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I’ve been making software and hardware recommendations for over a decade, and this one would definitely make my top ten. It’s a free, cross-platform, and breathtaking screen saver that’s been playing on my 30″ screens for the past few days. I decided to take videos from the cache and compile them into this demonstration. What you’ll see on YOUR computer will likely be even more amazing.

I rarely change screensavers. Every time I do, I get flooded with emails and questions, wondering where I’m getting my screensavers. Therefore, this is going to stay for awhile on my machine. It’s not only cool… it’s also beautiful.

Electric Sheep is a collaborative artwork, which was founded by Scott Draves. It’s run by thousands of people, from all over the World. When their computers “sleep”, the Electric Sheep turns on. The computers then talk to each other over the Internet. They share the work of creating abstract animations that constantly morph and change… known as the “sheep”. The result is an “android dream”, which pays tribute to Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

You can also vote on your favorite, with just the click of a keyboard. The most popular sheep live longer than others, and continues to evolve. You can also design your own sheep and submit it to the gene pool!

You can, of course, save these as a video and use them for whatever you like, just like I did for this video! If you know of other wicked-awesome screensavers (or software!), be sure to let me know. However, please try to only send me things that are cross-platform.


Two people have now written in, claiming that this screensaver is full of malware and spyware. This is something I take very seriously, so I checked into the situation.

Any version of this prior to 2.6.3 carried vulnerabilities that could have been exploited in an attack. However, all versions since that time have had no issues, and carry no malware.

As the current version is now 2.7b23, I think you’re fine. 😉

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