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The Internet is Over

According to an interview pop icon Prince gave to the U.K. tabloid The Daily Mirror, the Internet is “over.” He further claims that the Internet will go the route of MTV: once hip but now a thing to be forgotten. He feels that technology gadgets and gizmos can’t be “good” for us because they fill our head with numbers. Some people speculate that the eclectic star has gone a little further off his rocker. However, I am pretty sure there’s something else at play here.

Prince stated during the interview that “”I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can’t get it.” He has disallowed the use of his music on both iTunes and YouTube. He has also pulled his website offline. This sounds to me more like a temper tantrum because he won’t receive monies in advance than it does a true declaration of the state of the Internet.

Don’t worry. The Internet isn’t going anywhere. You can still download the latest software and apps at any time.

AMD Fusion Media Explorer

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The AMD Fusion Media Explorer provides you with a very different way to browse through your media. FME allows you to explore your digital media content from either your local machine or online resources such as Flickr, YouTube, and Microsoft Live.

FME lets you experience your media in a 3D application, which helps you to discover related content based on what you’re currently looking at. The application also has Facebook integration, which lets you post and interact with photos of your own… or with those posted by friends.

Fusion Media Explorer doesn’t stop with pictures, though. Music is another thing that you can browse – and discover – with this software. The AutoDJ feature will automatically create a playlist for you from the same genre or artist you are listening to. Click on one song, and let AutoDJ do the rest.

You can also find the videos, movies and television shows you want to watch using the integrated search engine or 3D Ribbon. Watch your selected content on a full screen, or send it to the Mini player so that you can continue surfing the Web while your choice is playing.

While this program is already available, you can download the newest version in beta form and check out the improvements for yourself.

Thanks go to everyone at AMD for helping me to attend the SXSW conference, and for taking the time to showcase so many of their new technologies for our community. http://chris.pirillo.com

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