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What’s Your Favorite Beer in the World?

Red Stripe. – Amber aka SDA

root – Josh Haley

that one – Nice Fish Films

San Miguel – Jon Limjap

I’m spoiled. I sell 900 beers professionally. When I’m standing in the store I can’t decide which one is best at that particular moment. – Ton Zijp

Paulaner Wheat Beer – Baard Overgaard Hansen

Chimay – Kevin Bondelli

A&W Root – Louis Gray

The next one. – Andrew Smith

mmm, Hefeweizen. with lemon. – Laura Norvig

guinness – Kim Landwehr

Belgian beers. There was an apple-flavored one which was my favorite, but I forgot the name. – Mitchell Tsai

Irish and Spanish beers, i love them… – Alex Barredo

paulaner – Stefano

Red Stripe sitting in Dunes River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! – Eddie Soto

But… if at the ice rink, after a hockey game, then it’s got to be Labatts Blue or Molsons. – Eddie Soto

Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world – Bo Stern

Pilsner Urquell – Jeff P. Henderson

OK, the first person that says Bud Lite, gets a swift kick in the butt!! – Jeff P. Henderson

Well, if I am forced to decide which beer was coming close to be the best one I ever experienced, I guess I have to choose for Närke Stormaktens Porter. It was extremely expensive, those 20cl, but it was worth every drop. – Ton Zijp

Guinness. – Barry Mitchelson

Draft Fullers ESB, from Fuller, Smith & Turner of Chiswick, London, England. – Ian May

La birra dell’elfo – Italia – marcantonio severgnini

Henry Weinhard’s Root, which I haven’t been able to get my hands on for years because I stupidly moved out of their availability zone. – Joe Pierce

Cisk Lager is by far, the best beer i’ve ever tasted http://thespiritworld.net/2008…Chris Farrugia

I love Belgian beers, Leffe, Grimnbergen. I also like local beers that you can’t get in Boston. Keith’s from Nova Scotia, also Yuengling and Fat Tire. – Steve Garfield

Miller and Asahi!! – Erhan Erdogan

guinness – Refik Caglayan

Super Bock or Tuborg – Marcos Marado

Kilkenny – Duncan Riley

Augustiner, Guinness, Tetley – Cristian Conti

Erdinger – Elif Salar

Miller, Guinness and Efes Pilsen(Turkish beer) – Arda Çetin

Fat Tire..Holy Moses..Burning River – Matt Musgrave

Guinness….Bass – Live4Soccer

Newcastle – Heather

Chimay red, Manny’s and Mac & jacks African Amber – Gina "Plumber" K

Chimay red, blue and grand reserve. Also I love Duvel, nice blonde. – Nicolas Caitan

Heineken and Blue – Shey

Rodenbach Sour Ale – Dave Roth

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale FTW! woo hooo! (BTW, there is a huge "Beers of the World" store in Rochester, NY – another reason I love living here!) – Susan Beebe

bud light – Gregory Lent

corona – luca Filigheddu

Negro Modelo 🙂 – zoblue (Zulema ❤’s you)