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Did You Order Your iPad Today?

The iPad officially became available for pre-order earlier today. A group of particularly prudent Apple fans from the APPL Sanity Board at Investor Village decided to put together a spreadsheet of order numbers, times that orders were placed and contents of those order. After six hours of tracking the data, the group reported that nearly 90,000 orders had been placed for the iPad. This does not count multiple orders (a single consumer can order two at a time), nor ship-to-store orders, for which no payment is required. In reality, the number of iPads ordered today is likely well over 100,000!!

According to Victor Castroll from the Valcent Financial Group and AAPL Sanity, “$54 million in revenue in a quarter of a day is a great opening. Looks like contrary to much speculation about who would actually want one of these, like the iPhone, people are voting with their wallets. Considering these are just pre-orders for a product still three weeks out, iPad is home run.”

Whether or not you think you want an iPad, a whole lot of people out there have already decided! What are your thoughts? Are you planning to get an iPad, or did you pre-order one today?

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Is webOS 1.4 Hitting Sprint Today?

Reports this morning – including on the official Sprint site – claimed that webOS 1.4 would be hitting Palm Pre and Pixi handsets beginning today. While some customers have already received the update, others are gnashing their teeth while waiting for answers. The article that showed up on Sprint’s site this morning has now been pulled, leaving customers wondering what in the heck is going on.

Not only is this a basic bug fix and feature update, it also includes a very important feature: Flash 10 will be included for those using a Pre. Finally… Flash on a mobile device! Full Flash 10 support would require an Adobe plug-in, which was reportedly going to be available soon from the Palm App catalog.

There are reportedly also a number of important bug fixes with this release, including:

  1. Time Zone bug fixed
  2. Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time
  3. Bluetooth car-kit transition to device corrected
  4. No EV icon bug fixed (random)
  5. Random browser formatting bugs fixed
  6. Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming
  7. Missing Contact issue specifically with swap down to or less

The question now is… where did the update go? Why has it been pulled? When can customers expect to receive the much-anticipated upgrade to their device? It will be interesting to keep an eye on this as the day progresses.

Is the School Spying on Your Child?

According to a new lawsuit filed recently, the Lower Merion School District issued laptops to students, and then used the built-in webcams to spy on them. The school allegedly spied on the kids not only during school hours, but also at home… invading families’ privacy.

The parent who filed the suit allegedly disciplined his child in an “inappropriate” manner. The school then reported the incident to authorities by using a photograph taken with the webcam. The suit is a class action, brought on behalf of all students issued with these machines.

If it is true that the school could turn on the cams from a remote location and were using them to spy on the students… the world has sunken to a new low. This is just creepy, and wrong. I think if a school ever issues a laptop to my child, I’ll be covering up the webcam with some black duct tape!

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that the school district has the right to “spy” on a student if using a school-issued laptop? Or, is that a serious invasion of privacy? (I’m leaning toward the privacy issues, of course.)

Block Ads in Safari

Many people prefer to enhance their browsing experience by adding features such as AdBlocking. With Safari, that is more difficult to do than it is with other browsers. Several of you also choose to block Flash applications, using plugins such as NoScript. However, Alex wrote in to tell all of you about a much easier-to-use plug-in that can be loaded onto Safari.

ClickToFlash is a Flash-blocking plug-in for Safari on Mac OS X. By installing ClickToFlash, you will no longer have Flash-based applications load automatically on the computer. Instead, you can choose (or not choose) to click just once to allow the Flash object to play. This way, you get Flash only when you want it!

You can also configure ClickToFlash to always allow Flash to load on certain websites. In addition, ClickToFlash allows you to view YouTube videos in QuickTime, instead of Flash! You can also change your settings right in ClickToFlash to always (only!) display YouTube videos in H.264, no matter what video you’re watching! Simply go into Safari and ClickToFlash, then choose the “Settings” option. From there, just check a box to allow the default to change.

Thanks Alex, for sharing this with us. I hadn’t yet tried this out, but you can bet I’ll be installing it today!

Why Do Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod not Use Adobe Flash?

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The Internet is all abuzz with anger due to Apple’s decision not to use Flash on the iPhone operating system. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that decision. Flash is the most unstable piece of software I’ve ever used.

This morning, I checked stats on the recently uploaded Mountain Dew Throwback video, Flash crashed inside of Google Chrome. Sadly, this is something that I’m used to.

Why, pray tell, would you expect Apple to put such an unstable piece of software on their operating system? I don’t feel that it is something we need to have on the iPad, or the iPhone. You can disagree with that all you want – I’ll punch holes in every flawed argument you present. It has nothing to do with Apple wanting to make more money – it has to do with controlling the consumer experience, much like other CE manufacturers do. Flash would ruin the iPhone OS experience, not enhance it.

Go ahead, give it your best shot. Give me a good argument as to why I’m wrong. My mind is always open.

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Why Isn't Adobe Flash on the iPhone, iPod, iPad?

Flash devours resources on OS X, hasn’t been re-engineered for efficiency with mobile processors, and is generally un-fucking-stable.

The #1 reason I finally upgraded to Snow Leopard was so that I could finally sandbox that POS Flash plugin to keep it from crashing my entire browser when it decided it wanted to take its crap-coated little ball and go home. I applaud Google for crafting Chrome to keep Flash from ruining your afternoon, too.

That’s why posts like this one on the Flash Blog make me laugh – but not because they’re getting sympathy from me, but because they’re making themselves look like jackasses. I can show you the exact same screenshot on my desktop when Flash crashes within Safari.

Blaming Apple for Adobe Flash’s shortcomings is like blaming a chair for breaking after you put an elephant on it.

Even in a (well written) post on Adobe’s behalf, John Nack admits to throwing paltry resources at the development of Flash on OS X. What’s the iPhone OS based on? The same underpinnings as OS X. Why on God’s Green Earth would Apple want to put a power-hungry, knowingly-unstable, development-starved platform onto any one of their devices? This isn’t Apple’s problem – it’s Adobe’s.

I’m not going to argue that Flash should be open source – it’s still somewhat of a browser-based standard, and I’m grateful that it’s taken us to where we are today. That’s not the drum I’m beating. I would say that HTML 5 has a fighting chance to supplant Flash, however.

The moment Adobe throws some time and attention into their Flash Player on Apple’s various platforms – with actual use cases and demonstrations on how much better it behaves – then I’d expect Apple to concede and let Flash run within the Safari app. I don’t need Flash anywhere else, thank you. AIR apps are awesome on the desktop, but part of the iPhone’s power is control of the App Store (a controlled consumer experience – which even Joe Hewitt admits to being a good one).

I don’t see Adobe making any other moves to rectify the situation – beyond whining.

Adobe needs to stop blaming Apple for its own shortcomings AND apologize for all the times I lost my work because Flash Player took down the entire Web browser session. 😉

I have zero empathy for the plights of shitty software – no matter how big the company that codes it might be. Have you taken a look at the desktop UI of any Adobe program? It’s beyond non-standard on either Windows or OS X. Apparently, they have always believed that “UI” was short for “Ugly Interface.”

…and you REALLY think this is Apple’s problem?

Just because Flash can conceivably run on a mobile device DOESN’T MEAN IT SHOULD.

What’s most funny about this iPhone / Flash argument (to me) is that the very same people who complain about short battery life are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who demand that power-hungry software should be on the device they expect to last longer than an hour. Unbelievable.

Adobe: make Flash better.

How to Use Icon Generator

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Marques has now done several screencasts for us, all of which have been fantastic! This time, he’s going to show you how to make use of a free Adobe Air app. Icon Generator allows you to generate a CS3 or Web 2.0 style icon, in only 3 steps! Choose your color, the character types and then save it in four different sizes! Being an Adobe Air app means that this will work on any platform! It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s fun!

Icon Generator is an easy download, and the installation is self-explanatory. Once you open the application for the first time, you’ll see that the interface is quite simple, even though it’s a very powerful application. Over on the right, you have the icon generator itself. You’ll need to choose between creating a CS3 (square-shaped) or Web 2.0 (starburst-shaped) icon.

Choose your name, and then your background color. You will be given a preview as you are editing. Click “Create Icon”, and choose where you want your files exported to. All four sizes will automatically be created for you. This is handy because of the fact that certain websites only allow very small-sized icons.

If you’re looking for a classy new logo for yourself or your brand, look no further than the Icon Generator!

Thanks, Marques, for another excellent tutorial!

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Free Photoshop Online

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Sometimes, people want to make use of features of Photoshop, but they don’t have the need (or resources) to buy the complete program. Adobe allows you to sign in on the website (or join for free) and use certain elements of PS without having to buy the actual software. There are options to create projects, edit photos and even email them to others when you’re finished. In this screencast, Alex is going to show you where to go, and what to do when you get there!

Head over to the Photoshop website. Register for a free account if you haven’t yet, or sign in with your existing ID. If you have an Adobe account, you can sign in with that, as well. Once you’re signed in and choose a photo, you’ll see all of your options ready for you to make use of.

If you choose to edit, you’ll have a basic editing suite loaded and available. You can crop and shrink, auto-prep the photo, adjust sharpness and saturation, and choose from some advanced editing tools. You can even adjust the white balance so that it’s more to your liking.

This free suite is not as powerful as the actual Photoshop program itself, but you can do basic editing, as well as photo enhancement. There are even cool effects that you can apply to your pictures if you choose.

Once you’re finished editing, you can choose to decorate your pictures. You can add text, colors or stickers on your photo if you wish. This can be a lot of fun to do with those family vacation photos, or pictures of your friends (or kids!) goofing off. Add little fun pictures on the top of your own pic, or even add a frame around it!

If you want to do basic photo editing, using the free Photoshop website tools is a great way to accomplish your tasks. Thanks Alex for this excellent screencast!

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Living Life to the Fullest

A few moments ago, I read a tweet by my friend Chris Brogan. It said simply: Know what kills you in life? Not living.. Holy wow…

Chris is right. Sure you’ll continue to breathe if you don’t go out and embrace every moment of life. But is that really living? I don’t think it is, no. Standing in place and letting time slip by isn’t living. Staying stagnant in your career, relationships and personal growth aren’t living. Convincing yourself that your life, mind and soul are okay as they already are isn’t living.

Living is about embracing life. It’s about always pushing yourself to do more… to be more. It’s about challenging your mind, opening it to new experiences and learning opportunities. Living is about changing directions sometimes so that you never become stuck in a rut. Living life means that you are constantly growing and changing in every aspect you possibly can.

Those few words from Chris are very powerful, and provide much food for thought. What do you think? How do you define living life? It will be very interesting to see what everyone has to say on this subject, and to learn how varied our opinions can be at times.

This wasn’t the only thought-provoking thing I’ve read so far today! As always, our community members are busy producing some excellent content. Are you one of them? If not, you can join us in our community today!

Today in our downloads center, you’ll find a handful of excellent deals on programs for your Mac OS X system! Be sure to check back daily to see what’s new.

Foxit Screencast

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I recently asked all of you to submit your screencasts to me for review. The best of the best will be chosen to be featured here, in my various channels and outlets. This provides content of a different perspective for our community, and gives you new exposure for your work! Marques has submitted an excellent screencast, showing you an alternative to Adobe’s PDF Reader 8 – FoxIt.

Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer. It is incredibly small, and exceedingly fast. It supports virtually all versions of Windows.

In the past, you had to download a huge PDF reader from another company, sit and wait for installation and updates, and then finally open your PDF. With Foxit, you simply install one small file and you’re ready to go. Foxit also features an annotation tool, and text conversion. What other free PDF reader can say that – and mean it?

For Marques, it only took about half the time to open and load as Adobe did. That is a significant improvement. He didnt have to wait on a splash screen – the document just opened. You can also view your PDF as a text document using Foxit… thereby copy and pasting things from the PDF to any word editing program.

In my book, free software that has better features than its paid counterparts is nothing but pure win. Thanks to Marques for providing this look at Foxit Reader for the community!

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