Shades of Gray

Diana and I are going to CES in Las Vegas this year, and it occurred to me that we don’t have any business cards.

Are business cards even a thing, anymore? I can be found pretty easily by anyone with an Internet connection who knows how to use “the Google” across pretty much any social media channel in common use today (and even across a few that aren’t). Do I really need to litter the planet with tiny rectangles of dead tree and toxic ink that tell you how to get in touch with me?

How 20th century.

Do you still use this quaint form of contact information exchange? I guess it comes in handy for those “Win a free lunch” fishbowls at the counters of countless eateries across the land whereby you leave business cards in hopes they’ll be drawn (though, just as likely, you’re going to get some other form of 20th century spam or, as we used to call it back then, “junk mail” — from said eatery).

Ah, to heck with it. I think I answered my own question: I do not need business cards. You know where to find me!

And congratulations to Byron Lee of Horizons for the Blind, who will be the lucky recipient of the iPad mini we gave away on New Year’s Eve. Congratulations, Byron!