Road Trip and a Reuben

You know how some days seem to flow freely, from the time you roll out of bed in the morning with the sound of chirping birds and gentle breezes accompanying your preparations to meet the world head on to the time you rest your head upon that plush bed pillow to dream of the day’s successes?

Yeah. For me, today wasn’t that day. And I shouldn’t let some things get to me, I suppose. Even acknowledging the fact that a downpour of constant negativity from know-nothings and trollsayers can dampen my spirits instead of rolling off my back is probably just fueling the fire, but that’s just how it goes, sometimes. Even if you’re used to the rain, you sometimes lose your umbrella in the clutter of everyday living.

Anyway, at times like this, I find that it helps to break out of the usual routine and do something a little out of the ordinary. Since I can’t practice my incredible lightsaber skills or repel down the Space Needle in a superhero costume, I guess the next best thing is to go on a road trip to the state capital in Olympia and keynote the governor’s conference on social media.

There we go! Now I feel better! Maybe an amazing sandwich will help punctuate my success in reclaiming a positive mental attitude…

Road Trip and a Reuben