Paris Hilton Prison Sex Video

Some people are just… crazy:

Paris, that’s no good to drive a car when you’re drunk but anyway I feel sad you’re in a prison now. 23 days is not so bad though. I feel so sorry you’re there now and just wanna say that you at least can to know that there are the guy in Russia who thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Paris, you know, I would love to invite you to meet when you will go out from the jail house. I have to say that I’m not just a crazy fun of you, I do not want your autograph and I’m not fallen in love with you but i think you’re just great and you’re great not because you’re a celebrity queen or super star, no… but just because you’re great independetly from all of that. I’m not a super star or celebrity but anyway I think it’s still possible for us to meet and to have a good time. As you sang in your song “Nothing In This World”… so I guess… nothing in this World impossible. I really want to meet you so much… as much as I forced to show it to the half of the world to catch your eye. But I don’t care! I do not know another way to contact you. I was thinking how can I leave my phone number for you and I decided that the best way is to send a fax to Paris Hilton Entertainment. I better stop now and hope you will at least call me. Sergey, from mother Russia!