Pants on the Ground Song (from American Idol)

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Pants on the Ground!!!! Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!!!!

If you aren’t walking around singing this, I have a feeling you soon will be. This catchy (and hilarious!) song was sung on American Idol tonight, by General Larry Platt. This 62-year-old gentleman may very well have earned a place in history with this self-written tune of his! Sadly, he’s too old to make it to Hollywood. Perhaps we’ll see him on the finale this summer!

I couldn’t resist. I admit that I love the song already as well. Who wouldn’t? It’s funny, it’s catchy… and the dude has a point! You really should invest in a belt, dude!

My iPhone friend Talking Carl helped me along the way. He’s available in the App Store… and yes, he really will repeat anything you say!

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21 thoughts on “Pants on the Ground Song (from American Idol)”

  1. Dude pants on the ground is the funniest song i have heard in a long time…And what the general was saying is so true!! All i have to say to the american idol producers is. …..GIVE THAT MAN SOME CASH!!! GOD BLESS GENERAL LARRY PLATT!!!

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through, so I couldn’t hear exactly what he was singing other than “pants on the ground.” I only found out the rest of the lyrics from a friend.

    If he has grandkids, they must be so proud of him, and their friends must think his grandkids have the coolest grandfather ever. 8D


  4. i think that pants on the ground was a very funny song and should be promoted on a tv show cause what he was singing about was true and very interesting

  5. OMG… Loved it to death…. He was a big ball of energy and even with him being too old ,someone some where needs to pay this man for such good and true entertainment. You really are looking like a fool with your pants on the ground….

  6. I laughed just as much watching it now as I did last night. That was hysterical. I love how in this technological age someone can become a part of pop culture almost instantaneously. Here’s hoping we see General Larry again in May.

    Oh, and you and Carl did a respectable job too ;)

  7. omg!! i love this. this guy is an em effen GENIUS!!! makes me want to go behind people and pull their pants up for them. love it love it love it!!! and more importantly.. GET UR PANTS OFF THE GROUND!!

  8. Now that is an audition everyone will remember. The General, well he nailed it with the judges, even my seventeen year old son was enjoyed the song. A star was discovered last night!

  9. When I first watched the clip, I had conflicting emotions. I was cringing and thinking, “that didn’t go well” and that the song needed some more lyrics. At the same time, I admired the guy for his courage in putting himself out there and felt he was a way cool 60 year old. Also, the “pants on the ground” message was fantastic.

    Then I was compelled to watch the video a second time whereupon I nearly passed out from laughing so hard.

    The waiting room footage you posted is priceless as well.

    P.S. Chris, liked the interview you did with Darren Barefoot awhile back.

  10. *blushes on behalf of the entire city of Atlanta…*

    Seriously, though, wasn’t he saying what a lot of us ‘grown-ups’ are thinking when we see kids with pants five sizes too large and boxers hanging out? :)

    And what’s worse…I’ve seen some do that, but wearing ‘tighty-whities’…

    ‘brain bleach’ is available in the front hall for all who need it. :)

  11. General Larry Platt is my hero.He just said everything we always wanted to say but never had the GUTS

  12. With the abscence of Paula Abdul I tuned off American Idol, didnt care about it this season. About a week ago I watched a comercial with the pants in the ground guy and laughed and enjoyed the tune, so I went back and started getting interested in this seasons American Idol, then foun out a lot of people where not going to watch American Idol, but also got interested with the General and the Pants on the ground song. American Idol is getting a lot of publicity and viewers thath had left or where not interested anymore beacuse of this dude. Thank the general guys, producers, network and give him a big cash bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This song is going to set off a huge trend in US society. After all, who wants to be that guy walking down the street with your pants sagging down and then hear someone yell out “Lookin like a fool wit yo pants on the ground”.

    What needs to happen and WILL happen.

    1. General Larry Platt with record the song.

    2. He will have a video for the song where he takes kids off the streets and makes them go belt shopping. The kids will buy the biggest thickest belts at the store and a belt buckle with the most bling bling.

    3. Society will follow and the trend for 2010 – 2011 will be young guys wearing thick belts with bling bling.

    4. Jean makers will see the trend and will start to design jeans that have larger belt loops so people can wear thicker belts.

    5. All the stores will have racks upon racks of thick belts and faux bling bling buckles.

    The general will be the cause of the biggest trend for the next few years and people will begin to forget that American Idol and General Larry Platt were responsible.

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