Filled with Phlegm

I planned on spending most of the afternoon searching for open access points in my neighborhood. Mother nature decided to intervene; my sinuses have been draining down the back of my throat for the better part of two days, completely nullifying my sense of taste. I tried half a spoonful of wasabi, but the hit only lasted for a few seconds. Nothing's gonna wear down this mucus blanket but time. For dinner, I plan on having some Halls (with mentho-lyptus). They have Advanced Vapor Action, ya know? Yeah, I know it's nothing more than candy – but the minty flavor is keeping me from going hoarse. I plan on popping a Ricola or two for dessert. Maybe even a can of seltzer water to wash it all down? I really don't wanna go to bed with Nyquil coating my tongue for the third night in a row, though. That stuff always knocks me out; it's a capful of green, liquid death. But I don't blame Vicks. Oh, no… I blame it on the rain that was falling, falling. Some would say that the chemicals they used on my hair pushed me over the edge. Judge for yourself. Thanks again to everybody who provided a mirror for the video!


Who is Jason Cain? Apparently someone who has: “the first website devoted to teaching moneymaking strategies to bloggers.” Excuse me? Have I been in the dark for the past year? Who is this guy? Is anybody taking him seriously? I'm not talking about GoldBlogger, I'm talking about GoldBlogger. Technorati shows only one inbound link / blog for it. Feedster? “0 posts found, 0 Shown.” GoldBlogger? Has anybody wasted their money on this gold-digging resource? Do Dave, Nick, Glenn, Andrew, and Rebecca know they're being quoted? If so, I can't imagine why I haven't heard of this guy before. What's more, he's got a pop-out window begging visitors to sign up for a “FREE REPORT.” It's either my sinuses draining or the thought of this site; I'm kinda sick to my stomach – and not in the Raging Cow kinda way.

I’m Da Bomb Pop

So, my Web Producer (Rich Migliozzi) says that with my new hair colors, I look like a “Space Pop.” Excuse me? A what? “You know, a 'Rocket Pop.'” Oh, you mean a BOMB Pop. “A what?” I look like a Bomb Pop. Apparently, it must be a Midwest thing? We stick jimmies on our wangs and not on our Sundaes. I suppose that's better than slapping davenports on our Changs and longing for Mondays?

Bouncing Baby Ryan

Congratulations to Mike and Stacey on the birth of their son, Ryan! Don't expect to hear too much cooing coming from the Pirillo household anytime soon, though. Other than the… *ahem* nevermind. Why not? (1) We hardly have enough time for ourselves, let alone another human being; (2) Ain't no way I'm raisin' a kid in the city; (3) I'd have to buy yet another Webcam; (4) Diapers. 'Nuff said. (5) We've got Sprocket – and he's enough for now.

Sugar Haters

I just added a 'TrackBack' feature to this blog (just hover your mouse cursor over each number in the post's title to see which is which). Figured I'd launch it with a bang. Here's a shout-out to all you low-carbers out there – and you know who you are. Does everybody else know, though? If you avoid sugars and carbs at all costs, why don't you TrackBack, and leave a Comment with your favorite low-carb recipe site? Same goes for all you wannabe sugar busters (and busties).

Blogrolling Pings

If you're using the Blogrolling service, you might wanna check out Jason's latest message: “The pinger is ready for beta testers! This beta is for MovableType users only at this point. In your 'Weblog Config' under 'Publicity / Remote Interfaces / TrackBack,' add in this in the text box.” What's this all about? Eventually, it'll be another way for you to notify the world that your blog has been updated. Nice, eh? Thank you, Mr. DeFillippo, once again!

Freaky Friday

For some reason, MT isn't allowing me to update my last post, so if you've got a mirror for my video, please add it via comment for “Mr. American Pie.” (which, if you're too lazy to figure out, is the post that is sitting just below this one). If you post your mirrored URL in the comments stream for THIS post (Freaky Friday), you will be dubbed a retard for the rest of your life – and everyone will have my permission to make fun of you with reckless abandon.

I normally wouldn't post something while I was prepping for a show, but this morning has been quite eventful. I woke up to the sound of Gretchen screaming: someone broke into our car, which was sitting directly in front of our home. They made off with random CDs, a Belkin inverter, a CB radio kit, and loose change. Bastard. I had to take a taxi to work. Gretchen's spending all day (in theory) at a shoot! She got called last night by her agency to be on some Japanese television show (its name eludes me). The premise is something along the lines of reinacting famous scenes. She's going to be part of the Versace murder, I think. Killer!

Mr. American Pie

The deed has been done, and I've got the pictures (and video) to prove it. Yep. The salon was all out of hot pink, so I decided to go with a more patriotic theme. My skin is white, so I went with blue sides (and bottom) and red tips. You can't tell it's blue in the Webcam right now, but… trust me. I was completely blonde a few hours ago. Briefly. We'll see how long the producers allow me to have this 'do. If you like what you see, leave a “thumbs up” after the beep. You might also blast a message to callforhelp (at) They're more inclined to listen to viewers than they are me. Hooray for the red, albino white, and blue. UPDATE: Check out the video (actively seeking mirrors).

The Rise of RSS

I think I'm coming down with something; my throat is kinda itchy and I'm losing my sense of taste. Must be the thing that Jason had the other day. Either that, or my allergies are kicking in. Anyway, consider this a full-on request to any MT hackers out there. When someone leaves comments for one of my entries, I want to have a field for their RSS feed (as well as a link to their site). It's all I use anymore to keep up on my favorite Web resources. I'm not lazy – it's just that I want information to come to me. And why shouldn't it? I'd really like to move all of Lockergnome's newsletters to RSS ASAP. The protocol is well on its way to replacing e-mail newsletters – mark my words.

Google Party Pictures

They're up – and they're pretty much guaranteed to offend. Pictures from tonight's Google / Blogger party. If you just met me tonight, please understand that my sense of humor is warped. Just ask any lurker around here. But don't expect much of a response (after all, lurkers never post comments). Anyway, please “sign in” if you see yourself in one of these photos or you were at the party. It was great to take your picture; we'll have to do it again some time. I have higher resolution images available, as well as a few others that didn't make the slideshow. Enjoy!

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