Angry White Boy

Am I the only one who hasn't heard any of these songs: LAST RESORT (Papa Roach), CHOP SUEY! (System Of A Down), GET FREE (The Vines), HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO (The Hives), FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL (The White Stripes), LAST NITE (The Strokes), DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS (Disturbed), RENEGADES OF FUNK (Rage Against The Machine), OUTSIDE (Staind), MY WAY (Limp Bizkit), BAWITDABA (Kid Rock), YOUTH OF THE NATION (P.O.D.), or THE REAL SLIM SHADY (Eminem)? Looks like my music collection is quite incomplete. Repeat after me

NewsGator 1.2 Released

I'm entering this post through Outook 2000,
thanks to Greg, Matt, and Simon. They've finally turned the
PIM into a very rudimentary blogging tool. “We are pleased to announce
the release of NewsGator 1.2! This is a major release; e-mail integration is
tighter than ever, the NewsPage has been significantly enhanced, and we've added
posting support, allowing you to post to your own weblog. Numerous other
features and fixes round out this release, undoubtedly making it the most
capable news aggregator on the market today.” [NewsGator News and
] Pure, unadulterated

Dare To Be Anxious

In prepraration for the release of Poodle Hat tomorrow, I journeyed into a local book store and did a little visual moblogging. I still remember getting Running With Scissors. I actually purchased two; one at a Target in Des Moines, and the other in Cedar Falls (on the same day). I had promised a good friend that I'd wait to get it with him, but I didn't. Bad Hair Day was mine the night before it was officially released, but only because the clerks were fans, too. Alapalooza was a tremendous disappointment, but it was one of the first albums I remember reading about online. I'll be happy again when the new CD is in these parody-lovin' little hands.

He Whois

I am not Rick Moranis. I am not Weird Al Yankovic. I am not Robert Carradine. I am not Bill Gates. I am not the Verizon Guy. I'm not a nerd, dork, dweeb, or spaz. Pirillo is an Internet icon. Pirillo is obviously a working professional. Pirillo is my pimp daddy. Pirillo is his name, or so the great Googlism god says.

Chris Pirillo’s Brain Trust

In the movie, “Enemy of the State,” Gene Hackman's character said to his companion: “You're either very smart or incredibly stupid.” After taking a look at one of my new projects, you'll probably say the same thing to me. Enterprising individuals already know about it, but I'm officially unveiling a new service today. It's
Chris Pirillo's Brain Trust, and by the end of this evening, we'll be launching the list with at least 20 charter members. The subscription fee is real, and I plan on making it worth every penny. People ask me how I do what I do – and how they can do the same. Honestly? All it takes is a little bit of energy and a couple of good ideas. If you're an Internet entrepreneur who understands the value of networking, then I'd love to have you aboard. Anybody else? You're welcome, too.

Pirillo Reloaded

Wanna keep an eye on me? I've decided to get my photoblog hosted at TextAmerica for now. Their templates suck and they don't offer an RSS 2.0 feed – but the account is free and it's easy to upload entries from my portable device(s). Later, you'll see me head down to Mountain View with Tantek and the gang to see the Matrix sequel. He made me take the mauve pill.

Mobile Geek

As of 1:51PM this afternoon, I became the proud father of a Nokia 3650. With polyphonic ringtones, Bluetooth, and a built-in camera, I'll always be ready for the road. Beaming pictures to my Tungsten C is a breeze (via infrared), but Jake went on a wild goose chase for a script to enable me to immediately post wacky snaps to an MT blog via e-mail. We'll see what turns up. So far, I like what I see. I'll have to dive into the manual sooner or later to find out how to transfer MIDI and change my “start screen” graphic. Tomorrow, I may even pick up a few Bluetooth devices just to see what THAT world is like. Here's a thought: would you pay me a $1 a month to be on a private distribution list that gets nothing but pictures from my daily misadventures? Who knows WHO or what I'll run into.

I Hate Oreos

What would I do if California banned Oreos? I'd do the happy dance, which goes a little something like this: *tappa tappa tappa* Buck the trend: toss your cookies tonight. Anything with fake fat is to be avoided at all costs, on all levels. I don't care how good you think trans-fat-filled “food” tastes – the rest of your body doesn't like it. And don't be fooled by the “partially” part, either – it's full evil. Ask my close friends: I'm a pain in the ass when we visit restaurants, careful not to order anything that might be remotely hydrogenated. My life changed the very day I learned about that crap. In the coming years, expect to hear more about it. Parents: WAKE UP.

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