Black Hole Sun

I didn't think I'd have access to broadband for another two weeks, but (as luck would have it) I'm close enough to someone with an open Wi-Fi signal to use it with my laptop and/or desktop machine. I have their essid in hand, but that really does me no good. I'd just as soon meet IRL and pay them for enabling me to piggyback their signal. Instead of chancing it now, I'll wait until I'm set up on my own connection before making any introductions or writing any cheques. Oh, and my cell phone has absolutely no signal here. Bupkis.

Remembering Jean Luc

I've been to three or four Peet's in LA, and each one of them carries the same lame brand of heavy cream: Alta Dena. I must be allergic to something in it, because I get a massive headache hours after I ingest the stuff. Not only that, but the water down there seems to be… different. So, I've decided to go back to brewing at home. Turning to the Coffee Geek (known for his mobile misadventures), I learned that the Capresso MT500 was the machine to own. One now sits on our kitchen table, with better filters en route from another online store. Some would say I go too far with my addiction; I would say that some don't go far enough.

What is RSS?

I'm ready to roll out my latest effort, which was designed to help you understand just how RSS (and other syndication efforts) are continuing to change the way we access information online. The designer and I have been nipping and tucking code for the past few hours, so if you run into a bug / quirk, let us know and we'll get it squished ASAP. We're looking to fill Lockergnome's RSS Resource with as much help, tools, links, and news as possible. You're welcome to join us as a regular contributor or a content passerby.

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