Stuck with a PIN

“Ah, yes. I had had the same brain system failure that Chris described – staring at the ATM and just not remembering that PIN! So now I write the PIN number on the back of each card, in the signature box. WAIT! No, I don't write the actual PIN. I use one 'formula' for all cards. For example, a formula could be to add 3333 to the actual numbers of your PIN. The new TOTAL is then written on the card. If this was your formula, you only have to subtract 3333 from the PIN written on the back of any card, and you will have the actual PIN for that card. Now, does anybody remember where I left my wallet?” (A. John Gallant)


I was checking for the unwelcome, Acrobat-launched WISPTIS.EXE when I spied something strange. At some point during the past day, 'NCLAUNCH.EXe' had found its way into my Windows directory and was running ever-so-silently in the background. What's worse, I found it via MSCONFIG set to autolaunch on startup. Not knowing where this process came from, I killed it immediately and searched for clues online. Alas, there were no helpful sites to be found. Diving into the Properties for the file, I found the answer in Comments field on the Version tab to be quite informative: “File launcher used by SWF Studio screensavers on Windows NT, 2000 and XP.” Turns out this was a remnant of some lousy-ass eye candy I tried (and immediately uninstalled) yesterday. Consider yourself informed and forewarned.

Lady and the Tramp

Disneyland was quite a spot for Valentine's Day lovers on Saturday. I must say, however, that California Adventure was… about as exciting as Nebraska. We didn't get to ride the only ride worth riding because the line was too long – and the line for “gourmet” coffee was even longer. Still, I had a great time with my sweetheart. Jack Skellington memorabilia was all around (thanks to the Haunted Mansion redux), so I had to empty my wallet before leaving. $80 of it went to two jackets that would help keep our underdressed bodies warm in the evening hours. And since LEGO had an Imagination Center in Downtown Disney, I was also able to get a Darth Vader figurine to aid in the completion of my freshly-formed (out of the package) collection. Next year, perhaps I'll pick a slightly more secluded place to share time with that certain someone?

Gnomedex 4 Officially Announced

They said Lockergnome couldn't do it again. However, we still went ahead and booked a casino in Lake Tahoe from September 30th to October 3rd for the fourth-annual Gnomedex tech conference. This time around, we set up a THREE DAY OPEN BAR – and pre-registration is still $99! How much alcohol can you down in 72 hours? Let's not forget about the whole “technology” thing, either. We'll still have plenty of information for you to download into your soaked little skull. That, and like every respectable host, we won't start activities at the butt crack of dawn. Details will continue to roll in, but I can already see that we'll (ONCE AGAIN) give other conventions a run for their money (and value).

Calling All Gamers

We're prepping to launch a gaming newsletter for Lockergnome, and man… I think I'm in trouble. I've been looking at all sorts of digial diversions for Windows, Palm OS, Linux, OS X, etc. Neverball is one of those definite keepers. Is it going to be a commercial success like The Simpsons: Hit & Run (another one on my daily play list)? Probably not, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Even Janet is giving it two boobies up!

Shock and Bra

Wow. You'd think that the world had never seen a naked titty before? Everyone's up in arms over the nipple flashing we received on Super Bowl Sunday (courtesy of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake). I'm just as disappointed as the rest of you. I ask, why didn't we get to see the other one?! Is her left breasticle so hideously deformed that it wasn't allowed to be shown in public? Despite efforts of the Puritan kind, people are having sex every minute of every hour of every day. Not the same people, mind you – but humans, nonetheless. As pre-pubescent, we dreamed of squeezing McGuffies 'til the cows came home. But now – oh the HORROR – we see one honker out of millions and there's something wrong with the moral fabric of society. It's just a friggin' hooter, folks. If you honestly weren't expecting anything weird to happen at a violent sporting event tipped to the gills with alcohol, you've got another mammary coming.

Most Valuable Pirillo?

“It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the category of Digital Media! This award is for your past year of contributions to the community and demonstrated expertise. Being an MVP brings with it a number of advantages, including access to the product team for support and feedback, early looks at Microsoft products, the ability to escalate issues for troubleshooting internally, and more.”

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