Sunday Blogging

(1) For all you w.bloggar addicts, the desktop client works great with our new blogging system (or so says Ross). Just select a Custom account and enter your regular username and password, then use '' for your Host and enter '/xmlrpc.cgi' into the Page field. (2) And, if you didn't already know, you can FTP directly into your account with [username]@[] as the username (plus your regular password and [] as the server); drag a series of new images into the '_NewPhotos' folder to make new albums in no time at all. (4) Oh, and Bookmarklets are right under your Dashboard tab when you login to your account via the Web. (5) There's still a free 30-day trial available for everybody.

Instant Blog Statistics

I just discovered this feature while looking for something else on instant blog statistics via the management console! If I'd have known about this tool before, I'd have moved away from MovableType weeks ago!

  • Distinct hosts served
  • Bytes transferred
  • HTML requests
  • XML requests
  • Total page views
  • Hourly Stats
  • Most Popular Articles
  • Most Commented Articles
  • Most Popular Categories
  • Browser Summary
  • Referer Summary

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