The Geeky Side of Life

Been messing with zFeeder today. For the most part, I'm impressed with its usability. Through the script, I finally got a nice output page to help us fill “empty” ad slots. I'm not sure if the refresh attribute is set properly, however. Re-launched our Coupons and Deals service, too (with a completely new set of feed URLs). AdSense seems to believe that Lockergnome has nothing but RSS to share. Not bad, considering Bill Gates gave the idea of desktop syndication a major nod today. That's my dream, ya know? A Gnome on every desktop.

Google AdSense Graphics Work!

I turned on the new (beta) option for Google AdSense to display graphics when they're available. I figured, why not – especially if they're still targeted to the neighboring content? Check out today's Windows Fanatics – you should see a skyscraper advertisement for the Nightmare Before Christmas collectables. I don't know who Bill Bam is, but I'd like to thank him for his support.

Comment Comrades

Someone asked me today if I noticed a reduction in comments since I moved to this new system. My answer is: kinda, but not really. I'm allowing Anonymous (non-registered) users to post their thoughts, and I've turned on auto-trackback discovery. If someone has something THAT important to say, they'll say it. Otherwise, they'll just spam an MT account somewhere else. Now watch – this entry'll get NO comments.

I Knew It!

“The nub is hard to work.” (So says Ponzi). “I can't click the nub – it won't let me click it.” Man, her quotes are getting better and better. Wait, let's see what she has to say about the mysterious nub next… waiting… waiting… “Why'd they put it in the middle?” Man, I love taking this stuff out of context.

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