I Knew It!

“The nub is hard to work.” (So says Ponzi). “I can't click the nub – it won't let me click it.” Man, her quotes are getting better and better. Wait, let's see what she has to say about the mysterious nub next… waiting… waiting… “Why'd they put it in the middle?” Man, I love taking this stuff out of context.

Designer Lunch

First sandwich: digesting. Second sandwich: still chilling in the fridge.
Since Eric isn't coming over today, does that mean I can eat his, too? I can't
help myself; they're TOO delicious. I didn't even drop any mustard on my new
jeans… Tommy Pullmyfingers or something?

RIP UltraEdit

When you have the right tools in hand, you can get your work done faster. I'm in love with the new version of PSPad. Dunno if it's going to replace Metapad as 'Notepad' on my system, but I'm certainly going to start using this sucker for all of my text file editing. TopStyle will still remain my default CSS editor, though. To the developer(s) of PSPad: don't stop.

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