Microsoft Internet Exploiter

It seems as though something in the latest round of Windows Updates has caused the IE6 small GIF bug to resurface. It's frustrating, to say the least – and it best be fixed within SP2. I'm about five minutes away from downloading and installing the latest RC, just to see if I can get back to my regular surfing habits. Productivity grinds to a halt every time you have to right-click a non-rendered image just to get it to show up inside your browser window. Or should I abandon all hope and move to Mozilla?

The Geeky Side of Life

Been messing with zFeeder today. For the most part, I'm impressed with its usability. Through the script, I finally got a nice output page to help us fill “empty” ad slots. I'm not sure if the refresh attribute is set properly, however. Re-launched our Coupons and Deals service, too (with a completely new set of feed URLs). AdSense seems to believe that Lockergnome has nothing but RSS to share. Not bad, considering Bill Gates gave the idea of desktop syndication a major nod today. That's my dream, ya know? A Gnome on every desktop.

Google AdSense Graphics Work!

I turned on the new (beta) option for Google AdSense to display graphics when they're available. I figured, why not – especially if they're still targeted to the neighboring content? Check out today's Windows Fanatics – you should see a skyscraper advertisement for the Nightmare Before Christmas collectables. I don't know who Bill Bam is, but I'd like to thank him for his support.

Comment Comrades

Someone asked me today if I noticed a reduction in comments since I moved to this new system. My answer is: kinda, but not really. I'm allowing Anonymous (non-registered) users to post their thoughts, and I've turned on auto-trackback discovery. If someone has something THAT important to say, they'll say it. Otherwise, they'll just spam an MT account somewhere else. Now watch – this entry'll get NO comments.

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