7 hours 47 mins left

Sean is eBaying his “Sony Clie Peg UX50 with memory stick, barely used. New!” – which used to be my Sony Clie… even then, barely used. Seriously, whoever picks up this PDA is welcome to ask me for the extra “Palm” software I purchased. That is, if such person even reads this entry.


I can't find any information on their Web site, but I just picked up a box of non-hydrogenated Triscuits! It's been well over five years since I was able to munch on one. Yeah, they're carby to the max – but I still loved 'em. Wouldn't even touch 'em since they had trans fats, Nabisco seems to be changing their tune? It's about time. I just popped one two fourteen.

A Case of the Mondays

Scott, thank you so VERY much for helping me with Apache this morning. Expect extended praise in an upcoming Lockergnome missive at some point in the very near future. Oh, and thanks to Neil (one of THE best tech bloggers out there) for reminding me to empty my History and File Cache. The bug seems to be pseudo-squished. Now, I'm being told that Lockergnome.com looks like ass in Safari. Wheeeeeee! I have no idea why. Anybody care to take a shot at THAT one?

Microsoft Internet Exploiter

It seems as though something in the latest round of Windows Updates has caused the IE6 small GIF bug to resurface. It's frustrating, to say the least – and it best be fixed within SP2. I'm about five minutes away from downloading and installing the latest RC, just to see if I can get back to my regular surfing habits. Productivity grinds to a halt every time you have to right-click a non-rendered image just to get it to show up inside your browser window. Or should I abandon all hope and move to Mozilla?

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