Dog Days of Summer

It's time to find a puppy. Seeking something local in the “poo” range, apparently. Which, from my understanding, is what every doggie does (that is, make doggie doo). Cockapoo? Peekapoo? Poopiepoo? It's enough to make you wanna Shitzu.

Holy Random Appearances!

So, I'm wiping up a small spill on my desk… and… there he is, smiling back at me. It's Jesus Christ. Either that, or the spirit of Charlie Brown? I'm officially freaked. Is Charles Schultz (or the bald Son of God) trying to send me a message?! Am I just projecting my own beliefs in a comic character (or hairless personal saviour) afterlife? Maybe it's really Telly Savalas? I'll never wash this piece of furniture again.

I Say Halo

What is it about Halo that makes it so addictive? Myszka's been over here for the past thirteen hours and he can't seem to get past level #5,221 – or was that #32,298? Sure, I've played it a few times – and quite enjoyed myself when engaging the enemy. But is this networkable FPS that much different (or better) than all the other ones out there? Oh, he just ran into a floating First Aid kit – isn't that slightly dangerous to do?

Rent My Chest: Revisited

Well, I've been doing it for a little over a year now. Grand total: 110 chests. You do the math. So, I get this offer a few minutes ago… and I don't know if I should even take it seriously. What do you think? It reads:
“A female friend of mine was wondering if you would be interested in a reliable female chest to post ads on your site. She lives with in walking distance from me, and I would be able to send pictures back to you within 24 hours. She is over the age of 18 (25 to be exact and yes we can put it in writing if you would like). She won’t contact you directly, because she doesn’t want her name anywhere on the web.”
Now that's just funny. Tantamount to pr0n?

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