A Typical IM Convo

Sean: man, sometimes talking with you is like a really bad cell connection. 🙂
Chris Pirillo: oh sh***
Chris Pirillo: wha8*!!
Chris Pirillo: +++NO CARRIER
Sean: ATST
Chris Pirillo: no
Chris Pirillo: LOL
Sean: ATDT
Chris Pirillo: ATDT
Chris Pirillo: LOL
Sean: hehe
Chris Pirillo: you nerd.
Chris Pirillo: ATST = Scout Walker from Star Wars.

The Real War

So, I'm sitting here, listening to our President on TV, and he mentions something about a “war on Tara.” He's going after the O'Hara plantation! It's about time somebody did this… Scarlett must be punished. Where can I send money for support? These Tara'ists are scared – they're running. We will hunt them down. We will smoke them out. I'm leading a boycott of the book here, in my home. I want a free'er rack, too – so I'm setting the DVD out on the front doorstep if anybody wants it. If you're for 'Gone with the Wind,' you're for Tara. Tara'ism must be stopped.

Crock Pot 101

Thumbs and hot crock pots do not mix well, and I have the boo-boo to prove it. See, it's all red and stuff – and it may even get… uh, how do I spell this properly? “Filled with pus” will have to do. Blistermania XVIII! How the hell was I supposed to know that the surface area wasn't properly insulated?

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