This morning, I woke up with a wonderful headache that eventually led to a round of upchucking. Don’t think it was food, however, as everybody else around me seems fine. Could’ve been the new strychnine we picked up from Whole Foods the other day? Regardless, I’m feeling a tiny bit better now — well, enough to check my email and post something. I also think I licked my IM problem; there seems to be a new config option on the FILTERS tab that needs to be toggled. Enabling “Filter Internet NAT Redirection” seemed to do the trick for me — and hopefully that’ll help everyone else out there, too. Oh, and before I forget, if you want me to check your site’s compatibility with XP SP2 RC2’s IE6, let me know.

eBay Stories

Do you have an eBay story to share, good or bad? We’re looking for submissions to help populate our new Auctions sub-site and impending Lockergnome eBay Stories channel. Perhaps you have tips or tricks to share with the rest of the world? Let us know – and be sure to include your eBay Store or Profile URL!

MSN Connectivity Problems

For the past couple of days (or so), my MSN IM connection has been flaky – disconnecting every couple of minutes. This is the case with either the latest version of Trillian or the latest version of the MSN Instant Messenger client. I've got a Linksys BEFW11S4 v2 (with the latest 1.45.10 firmware installed). Anybody else running into a similar headache?

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