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MSN Connectivity Problems

For the past couple of days (or so), my MSN IM connection has been flaky – disconnecting every couple of minutes. This is the case with either the latest version of Trillian or the latest version of the MSN Instant Messenger client. I've got a Linksys BEFW11S4 v2 (with the latest 1.45.10 firmware installed). Anybody else running into a similar headache?

I don't think I've touched a pencil to draw something more than a PostIt doodle for at least 10 years. The other day, Ponzi stumbled upon a few of my old drawings. I ain't no artist by any stretch, but I remember enjoying the process. Well, halfway through dinner (with Chicago playing in the background), she asked me why I didn't notice a bag sitting on one of the chairs. Within it sat a handful of basic sketching supplies. Supplies! Didn't take but three seconds for me to attempt the impossible “draw your girlfriend first or die, but not make her look too much like Ma Gogan from Pete's Dragon” maneuver. So, I suppose I should show everybody how my girlfriend looks in my eyes. Never actually drew someone I loved before…

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