Sick Wicket

After spending another night in an oxygen “tent,” we were told that Wicket is doing much better this morning – and will be ready to come home in another hour or so. I'm very relieved, and quite thankful for the Southern California Veterinary Hospital on Topanga Canyon in Woodland Hills, CA. They've been friendly, helpful, and supportive for the past couple of days – to the point where we'll be switching to them as our official puppy caretaker today.

Lockergnome Launches Net Connections

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Injury in the Hizouse

I'm gonna have to rent a lot of chests to recoup this one. Wicket's facing a night in the pet hospital, after accidentally choking himself on a much-despised gentle leader. I was removing it from him when it happened. He started flailing, making it difficult to finish the task. When it was finally off, his body went into shock. His lungs (apparently) filled with fluid. Less than ten minutes later, we decided it was time to take him to the emergency room down the street – not understanding why (or how) he was secreting excess mucus from his nose and generally acting aloof. The vet assessed the situation and placed him in an oxygen “box” immediately. He's got an IV going on, too – but at least he's awake and aware of his surroundings. In a couple of hours, we have to take him to the overnight place a few blocks away. I honestly had no idea that something like this could happen; search results indicate that it's a pretty common involutnary reaction for pups (for their lungs to take on organ fluid in these situations).


I don't care which side of the political fence you sit on, if you ever watch the news, you really need to see Bambi. Is it controversial? Yes. Biased? Certainly. 100% true? Doubtful. Thought-provoking? Extremely. Heck, you can even download it if you'd rather not wait for the DVD.

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