Why Microsoft is Going to Lose the OS Wars

I'm ready to start recommending OS X over Windows – especially for novice users. I happened to glance at Ponzi's XP desktop yesterday and saw a flood of unsanctioned pop-ups and browser toolbars. “What the…?! You're not supposed to click on anything without asking me first.” “I didn't,” she cried. It was one ugly mess, and it was only getting worse by the second. One utility spawned another; one deletion left thirteen unwanted changes in its tracks. Like a good little geek, I downloaded Spybot Search & Destroy – which turned out to be COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE in purging her PC. I wasted a complete afternoon trying to reinstall Windows over itself; who do I bill for that time lost? I needed to find a better Spyware slapper, and remembered the new Yahoo toolbar beta. Within minutes, its co-branded cleaner did the trick and her system was completely clean (at least, from what I could see and tell). Immediately, I upgraded her to SP2 RC2 – with the new firewall. I'm not happy about this, and think someone up there in Windowsland needs to wake up.

Mid-Year's Resolution

I've been without coffee for a little over a month now, and I'm… much happier, less on edge, and ~10 pounds lighter. Doing the Gazelle has really helped, and our Ab Lounge just arrived the other day. I zone out in front of my Media Center Edition for forty minutes and burn off 400+ calories every day. CalorieKing has become my new bestest friend. Low carb? That's so 1999.

The Rise of Technocracy

Coming soon (looking for contributors, following Jeber's announcement): “Does the Internet have any affect on the way we live? Is the web influencing society, religion, politics, even the way we interact? What does the future hold for our increasingly connected world? Are we in danger of losing our humanity or will technology end up enhancing it? Many of you are probably asking these very same questions but don't know where to start. That's where the Technocracy Channel comes in. We'll scour the web every day to bring you stories and sites that illustrate, illuminate and make you think about the profound, sometimes sublime ways that the World Wide Web touches our private lives.”

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