Zach Braff from Scrubs

Okay, I've already outted myself as a Scrubs fan, but I just found out that Zach Braff is now blogging. He's also got RSS and Atom feeds, but I wonder if he's geeky enough to know how to use 'em? Trackbacks aren't enabled, but perhaps he'll do a little egosurfing one of these days? I'd love to invite him to speak at Gnomedex, if he'd ever do Tahoe. UPDATE: Saw Garden State last night with Ponzi – and it was well worth the $20. If you're someone who's ever moved away from home to “find yourself,” you'll enjoy it, too. Zach wrote, directed, and starred in that thing; he's not just talent – he's talentED.

I'll Have Nunavthat

Via Angie: “A Nunavut Tourism marketing officer was fired last month after a local resident complained about a web site she ran in her spare time.” This has to be the first marketer on the planet I've ever felt bad for. She deserves to be with a smarter company. Don't ever lose your voice – no job is worth that price.

Microsoft Botches Deployment of XP SP2

Why didn't Microsoft just seed a torrent (and a checksum to match)? Instead, they're telling folks to wait until it's their turn to download the new service pack via Meanwhile, how many systems will fall victim to holes purportedly patched by SP2? BitTorrent could have cut their bandwidth bill in half and made a lot of geeks happy at the same time. That said, I'm already seeing quite a few “unofficial” seeds pop up across the 'Net.

Free Radicals! Free Radicals!

Sarcasm, sardonic wit, and extremism… in case you hadn't already noticed, I tend to use these devices. Sometimes, it's just to see if the audience is really breathing (not listening, as THX has that covered). What's the use in writing something for anybody if nobody really reads it? Or, to put it another way, will the blogosphere eventually collapse upon itself? I watched a program on the Discovery Channel last night that said the more we use blogfluorocarbons, the bigger the hole in the Ozone gets. To do my part, I'm not going to write anything more in this entry.

The Ultimate Gmail Apps Page

Don't ask me how I found it, but I did. It's perfect for all you Gmail addicts out there. Oh, and while we're on the subject of email, don't ever expect me to take action on those ANNOYING challenge / response messages – like the ones that come from Mailblocks. Next time I respond to a message (belonging to a thread that I didn't initiate) that bounces me through one of those scripts, I'll bill the original sender my regular hourly rate after I jump through the flaming hoop.

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