Slower Internet in XP SP2?

Well, kinda. There's a new error that some of you downloading junkies may have come across: “EventID 4226: TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.” Ugh! Some guy in Germany (by the name of LvlLord) has created a simple patch that can be run on the final version of XP SP2. I've given 'er a spin and found no problems with it. Plus, Scoble just pointed me to another post-pack patch from Dana Epp. Any other new annoyances in need of fixin'?

Sports Medicine for Non-Sporting Types

Ponzi's got me wrapped up in Mueller wrist and elbow supports. She's been feeling achy at her non-ergonomic desk, but feels much better with these artificial supports around her joints. I guess I'm going through sympathy typing right now – and having a tough time doing it in these movement restrictors. I couldn't finish this paragraph within ten hours – even if I wanted to! In fact, it's easier to use the keyboard by punching keys individually with a pencil in my mouth. That oughta save arm strain, eh? What a pain in the neck…

Ozone Zone

It's been a while, but I'm finally ionizing my home again. One of my subscribers (Doug Browning) happens to be a reseller of the unit I wanted most (Fresh Air by EcoQuest). It even comes with a remote control. w00t! Take a look at the comparison chart and you'll see why I picked it. To snoop around Doug's site, you'll need a passcode (just use 'guest'). Smells like a winner to me.

Microsoft BS Analyzer v1.2

Am I the only one who was a little misled with this title? I thought it was gonna be something that would warn me about crap on my system. Like, it would see that some BHO was ISO my passwords or something? And then… then it would tell me: “HEY! That's total BS, man!” So, how about it, MS? Can you make a true BS tool for me? I dare ya. I triple-dog dare ya.

Zach Braff from Scrubs

Okay, I've already outted myself as a Scrubs fan, but I just found out that Zach Braff is now blogging. He's also got RSS and Atom feeds, but I wonder if he's geeky enough to know how to use 'em? Trackbacks aren't enabled, but perhaps he'll do a little egosurfing one of these days? I'd love to invite him to speak at Gnomedex, if he'd ever do Tahoe. UPDATE: Saw Garden State last night with Ponzi – and it was well worth the $20. If you're someone who's ever moved away from home to “find yourself,” you'll enjoy it, too. Zach wrote, directed, and starred in that thing; he's not just talent – he's talentED.

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