Good One, Iowa

I'm watching the local UPN affiliate here in LA, and a few minutes ago they decide to run something on the Iowa State Fair. Only, instead of talking about the “Mark & Gary chop,” they highlight some stupid contest where people are (apparently) pushing porta-potties down the street. But wait, there's more! At the end of the race, someone smears Hershey's syrup all over the seat, and the person has to reach into the toilet to find an ear of corn. WTF?! Yo, Des Moines? Y'all gots problems.

Ray Dio Killed the Internet Star!

Gee, it's too bad the Windows Media Player isn't as easy to use as this Internet Radio client. Ponzi wants to listen to a different lineup every time she sits down, but trying to find a good, working station in Series 9 is next to impossible (and inexcusably time consuming). Can't say as I see much hope for 10's user experience, either. Just about every software radio tuner out there seems to be lacking in some respect. The best one I've ever used has been Winamp (vis a vis the Shoutcast directory).

100 Calorie Packs – Death Treats

Well, the idiots at Nabisco have a new series of snacks to offer the world of unsuspecting eaters. Yes, they're banking on the “Oh, it only has a 100 calories – how bad can it be?” factor. They have links to 100 Healthy Living Tips and 100 ways to burn 100 calories on their site… good for them! But while the boxes claim to have “0g Trans Fat,” according to Ponzi, the ingredients list shows PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED oil. I'm not sure which lie to believe? Each cookie must contain trace elements of the man-made fat, which is more than I care to ingest. Shame on them.

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