Slower Internet in XP SP2?

Well, kinda. There's a new error that some of you downloading junkies may have come across: “EventID 4226: TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.” Ugh! Some guy in Germany (by the name of LvlLord) has created a simple patch that can be run on the final version of XP SP2. I've given 'er a spin and found no problems with it. Plus, Scoble just pointed me to another post-pack patch from Dana Epp. Any other new annoyances in need of fixin'?

Sports Medicine for Non-Sporting Types

Ponzi's got me wrapped up in Mueller wrist and elbow supports. She's been feeling achy at her non-ergonomic desk, but feels much better with these artificial supports around her joints. I guess I'm going through sympathy typing right now – and having a tough time doing it in these movement restrictors. I couldn't finish this paragraph within ten hours – even if I wanted to! In fact, it's easier to use the keyboard by punching keys individually with a pencil in my mouth. That oughta save arm strain, eh? What a pain in the neck…

Ozone Zone

It's been a while, but I'm finally ionizing my home again. One of my subscribers (Doug Browning) happens to be a reseller of the unit I wanted most (Fresh Air by EcoQuest). It even comes with a remote control. w00t! Take a look at the comparison chart and you'll see why I picked it. To snoop around Doug's site, you'll need a passcode (just use 'guest'). Smells like a winner to me.

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