Okay, Maybe I’m the Idiot…

I’m sorry I lashed out at Steve Jobs – but I just can’t stand it when people ask me how they can upgrade their Internet to this 2.0 thing they keep hearing about…

There’s just something in me that goes off at the sound of someone claiming anything is “Web 2.0.” It’s downright indefinable, as I’ve stated clearly before. A Web site is a Web site is a Web site. A Web service is a Web service is a Web service. They grow. They change lives. But this is hardly something to stamp an number on. And now that we have a pseudo-versioning before, how long will it be before someone claims we’ve officially left Web 3.0 (as if that was a standard to begin with). It’s going… oh, wait. Microsoft to Invest in ‘Web 3.0’:

Seeing as it was late to the game with Web 2.0, Microsoft is making a preemptive effort to be ready the next time around. The company has pledged $500,000 in research grants toward what it calls “Intelligent Web 3.0,” in which the Web becomes more aware of where and how it’s being accessed in order to custom tailor information.

Microsoft (or anybody) can’t late to something that doesn’t exist. This is the Internet – it’s in a constant state of evolution (not intelligent design, as some might argue). I wound up with several threads in my inbox today regarding my admittedly knee-jerk reaction to Jobs’ announcement.

So, we can’t even agree on what “Web 2.0” is, and already the term “3.0” is being used. I agree that the future of software is not necessarily on the desktop – but why not just call it that? Why do we have to slap a label on something? I’m fully willing to be the idiot who doesn’t understand that which nobody can agree on a definition for.

But where do you draw the line?

31 thoughts on “Okay, Maybe I’m the Idiot…”

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  4. Reminds me of the people who call their desktop wallpaper their “screensaver” that drives me insane. While I appreciate Steve’s commitment to design and quality he is starting to sound more and more like some older people I know. BTW, I’m saying that as a 41 year old. Now sometimes when I am speaking to groups I will try to “dumb down” what I am saying so I’m not going over their heads with tech terms.

  5. Aloha Chris, web 2.0 is the social/interactive web. Web 3.0 is the 3d visual/interactive web. Keep things simple and it is easier to be simple-minded about them. Hope this helps!

  6. 0:35AM: “Here we are, back in iPhoto. Gonna say, publish this. Who can view? Anyone, family, friends? Allow users to download? Allow to upload? Allow uploading by email? Show email address to visitors? Communicating with .Mac, uploading photos. Now you can see the pictures uploading. What we’re gonna do is go ahead and miniaturize, and go to Safari. Go to my .Mac web gallery. Already have a bunch of other galleries. I have skimming right on the web page.
    This is a true Web 2.0 app. Web app behaving just like iPhoto on my desktop. Look at individual photos, get information about them. It’s pretty neat. Can view in different ways, view as mosaic, just click around, can resize photos in mosaic to any size I want. View as carousel, scroll around like this. I can view as a slide show.”

    Is it possible that you are referring to Steve Jobs’ basing his entire sales pitch on Mad Libs? Don’t get me wrong. I read the Journey Is The Reward 17 times. I’ve been an Apple user since 1983. I cut my DTP teeth on a 512ke. I had no idea what I could do with a NeXT Cube but I would have sold my soul in 1990/91 to have one.

    “Two elements we’ve used in a lot of pro products: aluminum and glass. Phenomenal materials. Take aluminum, we use this in our pro products. Professionals love it. Glass, very elegant. Scratch resistant. Very desirable from recycling point of view. We’re turning to aluminum and glass. Mac Pros, Mac Book Pros, aluminum and glass.”

    I think that’s the stuff that turns you off. It’s the sales BS. C’mon man. Who is he kidding. Does he think that we are idiots? I didn’t want to lick any of the 5 colors of iMacs. I didn’t want to lick the buttons in Aqua. I don’t want to re-cycle an Apple Pro product. Neither does anyone else. It’s not environmentally friendly. It’s still a computer. Does he think that we are going to become confused? Huh? The integrated circuit boards are now printed on glass and aluminum? Of course you had a knee-jerk reaction. It’s been 10 years of the same pitch. He just swaps out the nouns, adjectives, and verbs (and on occasion, the adverbs). It’s the same pitch, year-after-year!

    Speaking of the same pitch for 10 years; what’s up with the black-mock turtle neck and Levis? Either Steve Jobs has been wearing the same clothes everyday for the last decade or it’s a costume. Doesn’t he have any other clothes!?! For the love of god, somebody raise his pay from a $1 a year so he can buy some new freaking clothes!!!

    It’s the same spin. It’s getting old. This is the stuff that Mad Magazine used to make fun of. He’s an idiotic if he thinks we are idiots. Are we that gullible? Insanely great? Change the world?

    Dood, start with changing your clothes.

  7. Hi Chris,

    We enjoy reading your blog. We too wonder about how indefinable Web 2.0 is but we know that using the sites that others define as Web 2.0 has helped to drive traffic to our web sites.

    We’ve started a new blog and have some lively discussion going about the subject at http://www.Web2IsWhat.com. We’d welcome your comments or the comments of anyone reading.


  8. I’ve been using Web 4.0 for a few weeks now and it’s okay, but lonely. The worst part is having to switch back to Web 1.5.5 to do anything useful, like comment on your blog.

  9. MSFT also spent $6 billion and 6 years on Vista or $4 billion to try to take AOL with MSN and the counter is at over $21 billion on Xbox – so money produces no real results at MSFT – they might as well buy donuts for the $500 thousand or $500 million – because that’s what they’ll get for the money – some ideas that the now bureaucrats at MSFT cannot possibly grasp enough to implement.

  10. The guy on your last post about this who mentioned the XMLHTTPRequest which allows bits and pieces of web pages to be loaded as needed, was the most narrow and therefore accurate in his definition of ‘Web 2.0’ — because this is the only indispensable piece. Anything anyone else might add is something somebody else might want to subtract, but load-as-needed is really the underlying paradigm-changing technology that opens up a whole new world of web design, which includes (but doesn’t require) all of the other things that people like to mention. (Unlike user customisation, which changes no paradigms, is just a line of BS from Microsoft.)

  11. Hey chris! dude,you need to relax when doing tech stuff and your blog.
    when your wife needs help. take a break and help her. when you get angry. take a deep breath and sloowly let it out and count to 10.
    Trust me. it helps. try it. and yes. things do break.
    and your not stupid…

    brea ca.

  12. i tried to post this comment on youtube but i whouldnt let me because it exceeded 500 chars anyway

    microsoft should of thought about making drivers availible for people who have differnt OS’s and they should of spent more time making it i know it costs loads of money its not comin out of my back pocket but people who go out and buy dont relise that when they do install windows vista it might not be compatible with there computer hardware (ect) to avoid all this because they have all ready released it they should think hard about the updates they want to be providing for peoples computers like as you said your scanner “i think it was” wasnt compatible with windows vista

  13. *raises hand in agreement* I never understood the term, release, and the idea of Web 2.0. I didn’t get it when it came out and I don’t get it now.

    And thats was my 2 cents.

  14. Historically, the whole Web 1.0, 2.0 thing is what MS saw happening back in the early 90’s with Netscape – basically the browser supplanting the need for “boxed” software — esp. Microsoft’s. Hence the full-attack with “free” IE3 (remember, Navigator Gold was a boxed software that sold for around $30-$40 —yikes!)

    Now, it’s just really happening full steam.

    First, you had Netscape’s built-in Composer for WYSIWYG web page creation, then a slew of web mail, calendars, contacts (who would need Outlook?) — now you have full word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, image editing (Picnik, for example), CRM, accounting, ad infinitum — the new version of Office “whatever” doesn’t do you much good if you’re 1,000 miles from home. As long as you have an OS, web access and a browser plus, say, a slew of Google Apps you can do biz from anywhere.

    Most people use a fraction –really — of what most software is capable of, even web apps. This is and always will be what large software companies, in particular MS, are afraid of. That one day, the consumer at home and work will wake-up and realize they just don’t need/use what XYZ company is offering, esp. at $150-$500 a pop! Economics 101 — FUD no longer works.

  15. The web would be a lot more boring if blogs didn’t allow us to publish in the middle of being disgruntled – who wants to read a gruntled web?

    As far as terminology, I’ve abandoned the idea that the term Web 2.0 will ever be used in a context that I agree with – there’s too many chefs now. Sure, I’d love to go with the original definition established by the folks who supposedly coined the term — if everyone would actually use it the same way.

    And as you’ve pointed out, they won’t. Even the ones who are supposed to be more on top of these things than we are.

  16. Web 2.0 has become just a marketing slogan for me.
    I think the internet is all the time evolving, and some people like to use the benefit of technical mumbo-jumbo ([the term Web 2.0-lol] also for Mr.Jobs too, maybe? :), when there are millions of non-geek users who is not aware of whats going on.

  17. Hi Chris,

    Nope, I for one don’t think your an idiot. The world is full of names for things that don’t exist like any term or phrase that could be labeled as “corp speak” for example since anything “corp speak relates to absolutely nothing. I have to agree that anything WEB 2.0 is the same with the slight possible exception of a way the layout/theme/skin of a new online or local program looks as in some of the ‘Windows Live’ offerings and a few of the blog themes and templates out there. These can be said to have the WEB 2.0 “look” but only when used a a label for a type of appearance.

    I’m definitely not going to touch anything that could be called WEB 3.0 but it will be interesting what “they” come up with that may fall into that category. If anything it’s a good study in human behavior. :D

  18. Yeah by 2.0 and that they mean framework (the .net framework) (i think). Eg im using the web 2.0 net framework, like you get the frameworks on your pc. The only difference between the frameworks is the like methods,fuctions, flexibility and so on. You would typically use web 2.0 in asp. Like 1.0 = asp, 2.0 =asp.net. 3.0 is probably also going to be asp.net i presume, well is i think. Basically this web 3.0 is just a web site application based on the net framework 3. Hey im still at school, and i know this, yes i need to get out more xD To be honest this 3.0 thing will be no different to 2.0, maybe just like few new fuctions but hey its all crap now what microsoft releases (nothing stable lol, look at vista i hate it – im formatting back to xp in few days , and i ordered premium version like £30 more instead of an upgrade on space for my dell ages ago!).

    From Rat – Google is your best friend, just dont date it!

  19. Hey Chris,

    I was watching your video on youtube and i overherd you saying your a windows beta tester, i just wanted to know how do you sign up to be a beta tester. me and my family are somewhat computer geeks and i think we would be a big help.

  20. How much you bet Chris has never heard anyone say “how can I upgrade to this 2.0 thing” except as a joke?

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