New Paris Hilton Sex Video

There, do I have your attention?

This post actually has nothing to do with Paris Hilton, but it does have to do with video (and that, in and of itself, is quite sexy).

It’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that users (like myself) need a single Flash embed to share with our friends – not a or or or… any other vendor-centric URL. I need an embed that I can host on my own site, control contents for, feed video (live or static), or any other Flash media through – permanently. Lest I run the risk of one vendor going out of business, or

My friends care about me going live – not that I’m using ustream. Fact of the matter is: I could likely switch to Stickam and few people would notice or care. Problem is: I can’t easily flip my live ustream embed to another vendor if I’ve only shared the embed that gave me. What I need is a Flash “master” who understands what it is I’m trying to do – and who understands the idea of service brand neutrality.

This open nature can work to any vendor’s benefit – not against it. Drew speaks up, as a follow-up to his earlier Ustream problems:

I KNOW how challenging it is working at a startup, but when you love it, it’s just fun. I think these guys should have fun, because they’re onto something.

Oh, and Paris Hilton isn’t all that sexy…