New Motorola Droid X and Samsung Vibrant Full of Bloatware

Recently, we discussed bloatware found on computers. Bloatware includes all of the unnecessarily pre-installed programs that come with your shiny new machine. They take up space and sit there trying to entice you into using them. Over the years, we’ve hardened ourselves to this problem and simply start removing stuff as soon as we hook up our new toy. We shouldn’t have to do this, no. It’s just an annoying fact of life. Sadly, it seems as though many smartphones are now following in their big brother’s footsteps.

The Motorola Droid X and the Samsung Vibrant (both just released today) come with some bloatware apps pre-installed. The problem is, though, that most of them are NOT able to be removed. The Droid X, for instance, sports a Blockbuster video app and a demo for an Electronic Arts game called Need for Speed: Shift. The Blockbuster app includes a store locator and a place where you can download mobile movies from their catalog. You cannot uninstall this app from your phone – you can only remove it from your home screen. The game gives you limited functionality and a nice, big button urging you to buy the full version. This app can be removed, thankfully. Skype is included on the phone and is another permanent fixture. A strange new “feature” called City ID is also included. It gives location information about a phone number on your incoming call screen. It will only work for fifteen days, and then you’ll have to pony up about two bucks per month to use it.

The Vibrant is no less guilty of feeding us bloated apps we don’t need. You’ll find the Avatar movie on your phone, just in case you want to watch it over and over. One cannot help but wonder how much they paid to have that handily included. Another app is a video channel named MobiTV, which is only free for the first month. Third, you’ll find The Sims 3: Collector’s Edition. And last – but likely least – is an OLD version of Amazon’s Kindle app. None of these four applications can be removed from the device.

To me, this is ludicrous. I should have the ability to choose what programs and applications I want on my devices. If you want to pre-load something, so be it. I’m used to that. But you damn well need to give me the ability to get rid of whatever it is I don’t want. Do you agree with me – or not?

12 thoughts on “New Motorola Droid X and Samsung Vibrant Full of Bloatware”

  1. I agree, we shouldn’t have to spend time removing apps. we don’t want. I just got my Droid Incredible yesterday and it’s loaded with stuff I’ll never use. If you’re going to put it on there at least allow us to remove it.

  2. totally agree… thats why i rooted my x10. too much stuff on there that wont be used anyways flattens battery life cause its alway restarting in the background…

    totally anoying

  3. I have the Sprint Moment, another Droid phone, and it came with a NASCAR app and an NFL app you can’t remove. I think the NFL app has something to do with fantasy football.

    When we first got the phone, it had not been yet updated to the latest version of the droid OS. The NFL software kept giving a weird error (even though we didn’t run it) until the sprint store finally installed an update.

  4. oh. I’m new to android phones and very bummed to know the Sims and Avatar will exist forever on my phone (with quite a few other apps that I want nothing to do with). And I’m not nearly tech-savvy enough to root and remove.

  5. Totally agree. Installed Skype mobile on my new Droid X and can’t get rid of it. Big mistake. Can anybody help? No idea how to root…or what that means. Thanks! !

  6. root & remove.

    but i think that having the sims 3 on the vibrant is a better deal than a demo of NFSS on the droid x.

  7. there is SO much memory on these phones…24gigs stock from the DX, that are a few measly megabytes really gonna ruin your day ??

  8. It probably won’t ruin their day but it’s a matter of principle. A carrier has no right to shove bloatware down our throats. If I’m that person, I’m hitting the internet right now to learn how to root their phone and remove the crap. Either that, or purchase their next phone from On The Go Solutions and they’ll never have to deal with bloatware or other restricitons ever again.

  9. I rooted my mine. Instead of  using something to freeze the apps I just totally removed them. Looks a whole lot better and seems to run smoother.

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