MoGo Express Card Bluetooth Mouse Video Demo

When traveling, there’s always a tradeoff between convenience and portability. You want all the creature comforts of your office PC, without taking up all the space required to accomplish it. One of the most commonly left behind items is a mouse, because we all seem to find the touchpad on our laptops to be good enough. Newton Peripherals is the first company to come along and offer a viable alternative to mouse portability, providing a functional solution that fits inside your PC Card slot. The MoGo Mouse uses Bluetooth to connect to your PC, is credit card sized and offers a surprisingly functional alternative to mousing with a touch pad. At CES 2007, Jack Corrao of Newton Peripherials gave Jake a quick demo of the original PC Card MoGo, the new Express Card MoGo with scroll wheel and the pint-sized Bluetooth adapter everyone should be dying to any legacy PC that doesn’t have Bluetooth onboard.


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