Is Apple’s .Mac for OS X Worth it?

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Back in 2002, I felt that a .Mac subscription was just a waste of money. Man oh man, has my mind ever changed. The upgrade to it with Leopard is so amazing, I can’t imagine NOT having it.

As I am making this video, you can see I am now installing Leopard on a second MacBook. I first installed it on the one sponsored by Ligit. Now, we’re putting it on the MacBook Pro sponsored by Blue Sky Factory. Everything has gone so smoothly since my upgrade on the first one, I feel comfortable putting it on the other machines. Two tips I have to speed up the install is to skip the dvd check, and uncheck the box for “install extra fonts”. You don’t need those unless you regularly use other languages than your native one.

Ok, back to the .Mac! There are just so many things you get for the $100.00 per year subscription:

  • Web Gallery Easily share your photos and movies online from iLife08, with just a few clicks.
  • Web Hosting You can now publish a website, create a blog, whatever you want to do with your space!
  • iMap Mail Get an email address if you don’t already have one… or add another to your collection
  • Groups Keep everyone on the same page using this feature.

The best feature as far as I’m concerned is Sync. This is absolutely unparalleled. There is no similar feature in Linux or Windows. Using Sync, you can sync your address book, widgets, bookmarks, calendar, Dock items and more across ALL Macs on your network! .Mac Sync is built right into Mac OS X, so setup is as simple as a few clicks. Just open .Mac Sync preferences, choose what you want to sync, and click Sync Now. You can have .Mac sync changes automatically, or sync manually whenever you like.

Is there any question that a .Mac subscription is worth what you’re paying for?

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