4 thoughts on “iPad Fingerprints”

  1. Thats really bad! If I end up getting one when it’s finally released in the UK I’ll have to put a screen protector on it before I even turn it on. This needs a tweet!

  2. well st least it will be easier for the police to catch whomever swipes you ipad. I could see these things getting stolen left and right.

  3. It isn’t the iPad – it’s you. I was having the same problem. So many smudges, it was making me sick to think my fingertips were so greasy. But after using it for 3 weeks now, I’ve realized, I’ve been touching it too hard. It only needs a very light tap, way lighter than you think. Way, way, way lighter. Try usIng the most gentle touch you can imagine. I mean, the barest, almost not touching, little tiny tap. And try using the very tip of your finger, not the pad. Jut the tip, right beneath the fingernail, not the fingerprint part. Same was with scrolling. Don’t drag your fingertip, just barely flick it. Reduces smudges by 90 per cent.

  4. The screens of iPad/Pods/Phones are inherently smudge-and-smear swamps. It’s a characteristic of the design that Apple never talks about.

    The shiny plastic cases have become the ubiquitous ‘shell-suits’ of the computing world. In other contexts it would scream cheap, crass. Apple-droids seem as blind to it as the crowds in the emperor’s new clothes, except that in the computer world the little boys who see that the emperor is really naked outnumber the fanbois.

    You want over-priced cheap-look? You switch off your faculties of discernment and buy Apple. If the design weren’t so hollow I’d have been an Apple user ages ago, but I couldn’t bear the sniggers I see on my daily commute to London each time someone displays a lump of shiny white plastic. It screams too-much-money-but-no-taste.

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