We’re Building The LEGO “The Simpsons” House Today!

LEGO The Simpsons House BuildDiana and I built the LEGO version of The Simpsons’ house today, streamed it live, and recorded it for posterity — we indeedily-o did! (Ned Flanders oversaw the construction and kind of rubbed off on us.) Warning! This video was not done in our typical time-lapse fashion! It’s hours and hours of us putting this thing together (in an epic, two-part miniseries), so if you want the experience of assembling a full-fledged LEGO set in real time without actually… assembling a full-fledged LEGO set in real time for yourself, this is about the closest you’re gonna get!

Watch it here (and Get the LEGO “The Simpsons” House for yourself here!):

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