How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

How many social networks do you belong to? How many of those do you actively participate in? With so many options available these days, how do you figure out where you belong? Ah hah! I bet you hadn’t thought of this before. Too often, we rush to join every hot new social media site. We want to be on the cutting edge. We strive to be early adopters. Unfortunately, joining every site out there turns in to nothing more than a nightmare.

There is too much noise on the Internet. Why the hell do we spend so much of our time attempting to sift through the tidbits on a hundred sites to get to the important things that make a difference in our lives? Why are we wasting precious time trying to fit ourselves into proper categories of people?

Figure out what it is YOU want out of a social networking site. Where do you fit? Which site just feels like home when you log in? That is the place where you should hang your proverbial hat. There comes a point where we have to decide enough is enough and eradicate the extra noise. When it becomes impossible to hear and be heard, you know you’ve stretched yourself a little too thin. Pare it down, folks. You don’t need to be everywhere in order to make a difference in this world. You simply need to somewhere.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Social Networking is Too Much?”

  1. I made a decision that any place with people who just keep on being negative, closed minded and use bully tactics to get their own way, would be a place that I would no longer visit on a regular basis or participate much on.

    Sadly this now covers GEEKS which has IMHO degenerated into a place that no longer has creativity, but suffers from the stagnation of familiarity that some people are happy to live with.

  2. I think you hit it on the spot. I actually started to evaluate my social media practice for my business and it’s very time consuming.

    Also, I noticed it seems like we are all doing the same thing with the same content. Retweets from my tweep network are all the same links, content and I’m so tired of dead mens’ quotes.

    I use TweetDeck and the built in filters to help me manage it all. But really, where are my Tweets going and who is really valuing it? Are they just being polite?

    I may decrease my time on Twitter and go back to my FB world. Not sure. One thing is for sure I am totally focused on my blogs, which I ‘m enjoying far more than tweeting.

    Thanks for allowing my post.

    ~ Anthony

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