How Do You Open Files on Your iPhone?

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So you might have an iPod or an iPhone that has all this space. Maybe you aren’t filling it with Apps or pictures. Even with your media, you may still have space to spare. What if you could put files on your iPhone without having to use iTunes? Air Sharing allows you to do just that, for only $7.00 in the App Store.

Air Sharing allows users to mount their iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless hard drive, which allows you to drag files between your computer and iPhone or touch. It offers support for a wide range of documents to include iWork, Office, PDF, HTML, RTF, Plain Text and many more. In addition it also works with Mac (Tiger and Leopard), Windows (XP and Vista) and even GNOME and KDE on the Linux side.

Features include:

  • Familiar Finder-like file browser.
  • Prominent display of available space.
  • Use of Bonjour and WebDAV (like iDisk) for easy connection.
  • Extensive in-line Help with detailed, simple instructions.
  • Controls to prevent, or to delay, iPhone auto-lock.
  • Mac OS X applications displayed with their own icons in file browser.
  • Color-coded formatting of source code files.

If you don’t already have Air Sharing… get it. It just works. It’s so simple, and even fun to use. How else could you easily view a .PDF or .DOC file right on your iPhone? You know the iPhone can read these file formats, so why hasn’t Apple made it easier to do than by receiving them as an email attachment? Two thumbs up for Air Share. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


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